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The ground attack version of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190F-8 is based on the A-8 fighter version. This type incorporated some additional armour which was hidden inside the airframe, removal of the external wing weapons, and the installation of bomb racks underneath the wings. These were the main modifications of this aircraft. The bottom section of the landing gear legs cover was often removed too.
Thanks to the similar design of both versions of the aircraft, you can use the accessories designed for A-8, also for Fw 190F-8


672085 Fw 190A exhaust stacks
672086 Fw 190A propeler
672080 Fw 190A wheels late
672081 Fw 190A-8 cockpit
672082 Fw 190A-8 engine
672088 Fw 190A-8 engine & fuselage guns
672084 Fw 190A-8 MG 131 mount
672113 SC 250 German WWII bombs
72611 Fw 190A-8 (upgrade set)
72612 Fw 190A-8 landing flaps
73041 Seatbelts German WWII STEEL
D72009 Fw 190A stencils

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Fw 190F-8 – markings

Our ProfiPACK Edition of the new Fw 190F-8 in 1/72 scale, provides decals for five Focke-Wulf schemes, especially for ones that were operational towards the very end of the war. Amongst the unusually colourful machines, you can find aircraft from SG 2, SG 4, SG 10 and SG 77 units. The camouflage is a typically classic scheme of RLM 74/75/76, including a winter treatment, green-sand scheme from the Mediterranean, and two machines in RLM 80


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New announcement – # 3570 – 1/35 Egyptian Sherman

We already announced Magach 1, Magach 2, and Magach 3 used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Now it’s time to unveil the first of the IDF’s opponents, and this honor has fallen on an Egyptian Sherman tank. What is special about this tank is the fitment of an FL-10 turret onto a Sherman. Recognizing the limitations of the Sherman’s original 75mm gun, FL-10 turrets were taken from French-built AMX-13 light tanks. This turret with its autoloader allowed the crew to reduce from five to four men. The Shermans also featured diesel engines retrieved from M4A2s. These unique tanks were introduced into Egyptian service in the mid-1950s. However, a great many were destroyed or captured in the Six-Day War by Israel. Postwar evaluations by Israel showed that such special Shermans were similar in capability to its own M51 Isherman.

This 1/35 scale kit is based on Dragon’s excellent Sherman tooling. It thus has crisp details, a high degree of accuracy and very easy-to-assemble DS tracks. To this chassis has been added a brand new turret created especially for this hybrid vehicle. The complex shape of the FL-10 turret from the AMX-13 is extremely well reproduced. Indeed, the oscillating turret of the original FL-10 was basically made of two hinged parts, whereby elevation and recoil were achieved by the upper part moving relative to the lower part. Dragon has captured the turret shape perfectly. For Sherman fans this is a most unusual and desirable tank. And for fans of Middle East conflicts, this Egyptian Sherman is an ideal model to add to any collection!

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6489 – 1/35 15cm s.IG.33/2(Sf) auf Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer – Smart Kit


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E35-250 Russian Long-Range Rocket Launcher 9A52-2 SMERCH
Suit for:For Meng SS-009
Photoetched * 5


E35-249 WWII German TIGER I “Tunisian Initial” Basic
Suit for:For DRAGON Smart Kit
Photoetched * 4  wirerope* 1.0*250mm*2 wirerope *0.5*450m


EA35-115 German Leopard 2 A5/6 MBT Engine & Turret Rack Grills
Suit for:For TAMIYA Kit
Photoetched * 2


EA35-114 WWII German Panther D Fender & Side Skirts
Suit for:For TAMIYA Kit
Photoetched * 2 Metal Parts * 2
EA35-116 WWII German TIGER I “Tunisian Initial”Fender & Side Skirts
Suit for:For DRAGON Smart Kit
Photoetched * 1
EA35-117 FIM-92"Stinger" MANPADS
Suit for:COMMON
Photoetched * 2 Resin Parts *2


ER35-062 Russian Long-Range Rocket Launcher 9A52-2 SMERCH Weighted Road Wheels
Suit for:For Meng SS-009
Resin tires*8


ER35-063 Modern U.S. MK.23 MTVR Cargo Truck Weighted Road Wheels
Suit for:For TRUMPETER Kit
Resin tires*6