out now Dragon 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D

Dragon has a brand new Panzer IV Ausf.D tank in 1/72 scale available for modelers wishing to expand their number of variants in this family. The Ausf.D was produced from October 1939 through to May 1941, with just 229 units manufactured in total. This type reintroduced a hull machine gun and it used an external mantlet (instead of an internal one). Armor protection was also improved, with 20mm armor now used on the sides. The tank retained the previously used short-barreled and low-velocity 7.5cm KwK.37 L/24 gun as its main armament.

In Stock 10$ for 1 In Stock 10$ for 1
Dragon has previously released 1/72 scale plastic kits of the Panzer IV family, but this is the very first of the Ausf.D. Thus, it’s a 100% newly tooled kit. By judiciously combining smart engineering and slide-mold technology, the number of parts to assemble has been reduced to a minimum. For example, the road wheels and track run are made as one piece. Indeed, these parts only need to be plugged into the hull suspension units and glued and, hey presto, they’re finished! This is a completely new idea from Dragon to ease assembly in every possible way without sacrificing one iota of detail. Indeed, modelers will be able to enjoy their craft more than ever without wasting time on repetitive tasks. The Panzer Ausf.D was an early member of the family, but Dragon has applied the latest technology to it!



new from Custom Factory

BTS-2, a set-supplement to the model T-54B from TAKOM


A set-supplement BTS-2 to the model T-54B from TAKOM. The kit will include a fully staffed tractor unit made of polyurethane resin. The scale is 1/35.

BTS-2, a set-supplement to the model T-54B from TAKOM


Set of wheels for BMP-K K-17 " "

Set of wheels for BMP-K K-17 "Boomerang", scale 1/35. The kit consists of 8 wheels (BEL-95).

Wheels BEL-95


GAZ-63 chassis (without bodywork)

A complete set of resin parts. The set includes: photo etching board, frame with suspension elements, wheels (5 pieces), cab with feathering and interior, engine with transmission. The superstructure (body, kung, armament and further equipment) placed on the chassis of this car is not included in this kit.

The scale is 1/35.

GAZ-63 chassis (without bodywork)



new from aviattic

1/32 RAF/RFC Aircraft trailer

From Mesopotamia to the Western Front this RFC/RAF trailer was present and provides endless possibilities for 1/32 dioramas..
Designed and mastered by Szymon Grzywocz for Aviattic, cast by Ron Kootje with many thanks to early vehicle expert Tom Fryers for drawings and research (he built a full scale one!) – this exquisite kit is cast in small runs, a few are available NOW!

ATTKIT004 1/32 WW1 RAF/RFC Towing trailer


Resin and photo etch kit

PDF instructions downloadable from website soon

mastered by Szymon Grzywocz, cast by Ron Kootje

E-mail    sales@aviattic.co.uk   to reserve yours!


new from scaleaircraftconversions

Me 262B-1/U-1 Landing Gear (Rev)
For: for 1/32 Revell, 2016 mold
Type: White Metal
Stock Number: 32115
Scale: 1/32




Sopwith Snipe Landing Gear (WW)
For: for 1/32 Wingnut Wings
Type: White Metal
Stock Number: 32114
Scale: 1/32




HH-65, AS 365/565, Z-9 Landing Gear (Trum)
For: for 1/35 Trumpeter
Type: White Metal
Stock Number: 35003
Scale: 1/35





BAe Hawk T. Landing Gear (HB)
For: for 1/48 Hobby Boss (all variants)
Type: White Metal
Stock Number: 48325
Scale: 1/48




Fairey Barracuda Landing Gear (SH)
For: for 1/72 Special Hobby
Type: White Metal
Stock Number: 72137
Scale: 1/72



new from Furball Aero-Design



(72-004) continues our "AirWing All Star" line and features markings for seven 1/72 F-14A CAG aircraft. Enough data and stencils are included to make two complete models. The decals are sized to fit the Hasegawa kit. The aircraft covered on the sheet include:
F-14A 159631, VF-24, USS Constellation, 1976
F-14A 160393, VF-84, USS Nimitz, 1978
F-14A 161134 (TARPS), VF-101, NAS Oceana, 1982
F-14A 160666, VF-111, USS Kitty Hawk, 1983
F-14A 159825, VF-114, USS Enterprise, 1984
F-14A 159446, VF-142, USS America, 1977
F-14A 158621, VF-124, NAS Miramar, 1974
1/72 Air Wing All-Stars Tomcats Part One



Current progress on Kongo

. I've attached the lowest level of the bridge and midships superstructure. The rear funnel assembly is dry fitted, pending some additional weathering, PE, and other bits.

– Still need to run some thinned Elmer's along the railing in order to blend the bottom "rung" with the deck.

– Weathering is heavier where crew are less likely to easily repaint.

– I grew tired of reattaching 5" guns, so I put them in the box as they fell off.

– PE Ladders (part 3) that allow access to the bridge are waaaaay too short. I'll have to find alternatives.

– Citadel up is just base coated and unweathered.

– I'll use the tripod plastic bits but likely will replace the rest with brass.

All for now. I'm kind of in a hurry to finish this for a show.