Scorpion Miniature Models – CVR(T) Tool and Exhaust set



SMM have just released set#SMM3510 CVR(T) Tool and Exhaust set in 1/35 scale.

Early production Scorpions and Scimitars had sheet metal covers over the exhaust pipes. Later perforated covers are included in the AFV Club kit. The set also feature exhaust extensions with upward or downward bends (used when the flotation screen was raised) and full set of tools with straps some of which are missing from AFV Club's kit. Also included is an early BCF fire extinguisher, and a better detailed drivers periscope with wipers.

The set includes
* Early exhaust muffler/shroud
* Exhaust pipe extension ×2 (upwards curve and downwards curve)
* Antenna rod stowage tube
* Early BCF fire extinguisher
* Drivers periscope
* Pioneer tools; including Shovel GS, Pick GS helve and crowbar, Pick GS blade, Sledgehammer, and Axe