new DECALES 1/144

1/144 Scale Decal Air Niugini BAe 146-200

1/144 Scale Decal Air Niugini 737-200

1/144 Scale Decal Air Niugini F-100


1/144 Scale Decal Flying Colours 757-200


1/144 Scale Decal Air Horizons 757-200


1/144 Scale Decal JAL – Japan Airlines 737-800

1/144 Scale Decal Air Afrique A-300


new Diorama buildings 1:35 and Diorama streets 1:35 all new

DioDump DD097 Saddam mural 1:35 scale

This very original DioDump piece will be a true eye catcher in your Iraq diorama or vignette. Murals like these could be found througout Iraq in honour of it’s leader Saddam Hussein. After the US invasion in the second Gulf war many were destroyed or vandalised. This particular mural stands 16 cm tall and 9,4cm wide. It consists on 2 detailled plaster pieces and 2 high quality prints on thick paper.

Unassembled and unpainted, instructions included. Figure, truck and other diorama accesories are for example / scale reference only and NOT included.

DioDump DD095 German MG bunker 1:35 scale

This authentic highly detailed bunker section will look great in any WW2 Western front front diorama or vignette. Note that this is not a complete bunker but a section for easy placing as a backdrop on your base. It contains 2 parts in high quality  plaster and an additional set of metal hooks (used for attaching camouflage nettings).

If you would like a battle damaged bunker: plaster is easy to work with. Just use a hard pointy tool, to create bullet holes or larger damages inflicted by artllery.

Sizes main structure: height 8,1cm, width front 12,9cm, depth 6,2cm. Figure is for example / scale purpose only and not included.

The kit is safely packed in a decent sturdy cardboard box. Unassembled and unpainted.


DioDump DD089 Small roadside chapel 1:35 scale

These small chappels can be found all over rural Europe dating back from modern hstory. Notice the small door, the saint plaquette, and many more authentic details. It contains one solid umpainted chapel sharply casted in plaster and a resin cross. Sizes approx.: height 108mm, width 65mm, depth 53mm. Figure and scenery are for example / scale purpose only and not included. The kit is safely packed in a decent sturdy cardboard box.



DioDump DD024 Factory gate 1:35 scale

This stunning vintage factory gate will be an eye catching backdrop for your urban or Industrial diorama. Brought to you by DioDump in cooperation with Reality In Scale.

Features: – Option between open or closed gates – Authentic industrial sign – Realistic brick walls – Detailed on both sides

– Modulable: walls can be placed either alligned to gate or at 90 degrees to the gate to fit your diorama lay-out. – 7 Sharply casted pieces in high quality resin

Sizes approximately: width 350mm, height 120mm.

The kit is unassembled and unpainted.


DioDump DD027 Cinder block wall corner ‘Fallujah’ 1:35 scale

This ‘modern’ cinder block wall corner is perfect for any (military) diorama or vignette with a Middle Eastern theme.

The kit consists of 3 highly detailed plaster parts, 3 ABS fences, iron wire and a small set of Iraqi election posters.

Due to the modular system you can position your wall in multiple ways to suit your diorama lay-out.


DioDump DD015 Monastery gate ‘Saint-Lo’ 1:35

This original old wall with gate will make a great eye catcher in your (ww2 military) diorama or vignette. The authentic design is basically suitable for any European theatre. Very sharp casted in hard plaster. The main wall has a highly detailed front and a flat back. There is also a small side wall, detailed on both sides, that can be positioned in multiple ways to match your diorama lay-out. The gate can be constructed from the balsa wood that is also included in the kit. Finally it features a small resin wall shrine. Instructions included. Sizes main wall: length 21,4cm x height 10,7cm.


DioDump DD087-A / B Concrete slabs 6 pcs 1:35 scale

This set contains 6 very realistic concrete slabs with steel edges. Highly detailled and casted in grey quality resin. They can be used as a base for your diorama or display. Roads, parking lots, industrial areas, military bases etc. etc.

Each slab measures 57 x 57mm x 3mm. UNPAINTED!



DioDump DD029-A Old city street (large) 1:35 scale

Highly detailed urban street section with worn asphalt over cobblestones, gutters, a manhole and sidewalks. A great base for your (World War 2 / military) diorama. Material: resin (unpainted). Size: approx. 30 x 19,4 cm.

Tank, figures, wall and street light are for example and scale reference only and NOT included.


DioDump DD028 Country brick road 1:35 scale

Highly detailed and realistic country brick road with tree stumps. A great base for a small diorama or a display base for your vehicle. Material: resin (unpainted).  Size: approx. 19,9 x 14,8cm Tank, figure, and scenery are for example and scale reference only and NOT included.


DioDump DD088-A Street junction (large) 1:35 scale

Highly detailed street junction with 2 paving patterns, manhole, gutters with drain and sidewalks. A great base for your European (World War 2) diorama. Material: resin (unpainted). Size: approx. 29,7 x 20cm. Tank, figures, kiosk and street light are for example and scale reference only and NOT included.

new ships 1/700

W192 “1/700 German Navy Battleship Bismarck”
1/700 ship kits , scheduled for shipment in May 2017

· Plastic model kit (
unassembled / unpainted ) · Sea / full hull model selectable
· “Bismarck” completed in 1940 was a battleship supposed to be the center strength of the German Navy together with the same type “Tilpitts”, but in 1941 When it was introduced to the line exercise strategy of May, it suffered a central attack of the British navy main force and it came to be the last in the first squad sortie. However, it was famous that the UK Navy Cruiser Battleship Hood was sunk by a blow in this naval battle, and it was a naval battle that keeps the name of “Bismarck” long in memory.
· Kit reproduced the bismuth of “Bismarck” with delicate detail. Parts that can be produced by selecting the same type “Tilpitz” are also included.
· Bismarck /   Tilpitz selectable at the time of production · Assembled instructions for Tilpitz
, color guide included
· Etching parts such as radar, catapult, and other outfitted accessories
· Total length: approx. 370 mm

W198 “1/700 US Navy Heavy Cruiser Pittsburgh 1944”
1/700 ship kits , scheduled for shipment in May 2017

· Plastic model kit (
unassembled / unpainted ) · Sea / full hull model selectable
· Baltimore class is the first heavy cruiser designed after expiration of the disarmament treaty, “Pittsburgh” is the fifth ship. Three consecutive 20.3 cm 3 guns are the same as the previous class built under the Convention, but the 12.7 cm double gun of the secondary gun has been strengthened from 8 units in a single unit to 6 units. Moreover, a long hull with a sharp shiphead and a high level horizontal deck with high freeboard freedom is superior in navigability. The armor of each part was also strengthened, the engine layout adopted the can chamber separation method, and the anti-durability was also greatly improved. The ship after “Pittsburgh” was a rectangular shape was changed to a round shape of the aft plane shape, reduced the aircraft lifting crane from 2 to 1 for weight reduction. Further improvement of skills, such as strengthening weaponry, is being planned. Fortunately this superior design is fortunate, there are no ships destroyed through the Great War in the main grade, “Pittsburgh” is also active in Iwojima landing strategy, relief and towing of the wrecked aircraft carrier CV – 13 Franklin.
· The kit reproduced the figure as of 1944 so that you can enjoy the ornate painting called Major 32.
· Etap parts such as catapult, crane, Mk 37, 38 shooting command device, SK radar, hand rail etc are attached.
· Total length: approx. 297 mm
· One ship


J76 “1/700 Maritime Self Defense Force Escort Ship DD-158 Sea Bream”
1/700 ship kit , planned for shipment in April 2017

· Plastic model kit ( unassembled / unpainted )
· Sea /
full hull model selectable · “Umi rush” is the 8th ship of “Asagiri” type escort ship commissioned in 1991. It was dispatched several times during the period from 2011 to 2014 as a water force unit to respond to the piracy problem off Somalia.
· The kit includes various satellite antennas, masts, bulletproof boards, newly arrived decals decals, and can reproduce the latest state “sea urchin”.
· Ship bottom for full hull, with various satellite antenna parts
· New arrival ship indicator decal included
· Etched parts such as large sound generator, 12.7 mm machine gun, shield etc included.
· The same type of ship is forgotten, it is a rush, a decal for so-called is attached.
· Total length: 196 mm

Eduard new kit and sets out today

The Bf 109F-2 kit in 1/48 scale (ProfiPACK) contains plastic parts by Eduard, 5 camouflage schemes, painting mask and coloured PE-parts.
April release.
We also recommend:

– Bf 109F, cockpit, cat. no. 648279,
– Bf 109F, propeller late, cat. no. 648288,
– Bf 109F, propeller early, cat. no. 648289,
– Bf 109F, landing flaps, cat. no. 648291,
– Bf 109F, control surfaces, cat. no. 648292,
– Bf 109F, engine and fuselage guns, cat. no. 648300,
– Bf 109F, undercarriage legs BRONZE, cat. no. 648308,
– Bf 109F-2, PE-set, cat. no. 48919,
– Seatbelts Luftwaffe WWII fighters STEEL, cat. no. 49095.



New model kits are available

2770 – scale 1 : 48




Developed by the American aircraft company McDonnell Douglas the F-4 Phantom II is a tandem two-seat, all-weather, supersonic fighter-bomber. It entered service during the sixties and it is one of the most famous airplanes of the military aviation history. In the original project, it was specifically designed for U.S. Navy but it has been used by all U.S. forces and it obtained a significant commercial success around the World. The F-4E version, specifically developed for the U.S. Air Force, adopted a M61 Vulcan cannon in the nose and it could be armed, to perform air-superiority missions, with AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-9 Sparrow air-to-air missiles. Thanks to its two General Electric J-79 powerful jet-engines, the F-4E was able to reach the top speed of 1,240 Knots. Speed, thrust and reliability were the Phantom II strengths able to successfully counterbalance the reduced manoeuvrability due to its big dimensions.

Decals for 4 versions

Australia Israel Japan USA


1387 – scale 1 : 72

Martin B-57B


Created to replace the obsolete piston-engined Douglas B-26 Invader, the twin-jet engine tactical bomber B-57 Canberra was produced by US aircrafts company Martin in the 50s. Derived from the British “English Electric Canberra”, it was produced in several versions to perform bombing, reconnaissance and electronic warfare duties. In particular, the B-57B, developed for bombing missions, was the main version produced. It was characterized by the adoption of a new cockpit with two crew members arranged in tandem and the under-wing hardpoints able to be armed with a wide range of weapons. The first units produced were armed with eight 12.7
mm machine guns installed within the wings substituted, later on, by four 20 mm cannons. Thanks to its two Wright J65 Jet-engines the Canberra was able to reach the top speed of 520 Knots.

Decals for 4 versions



6552 – scale 1 : 35

STAGHOUND MK. I late version



The Staghound armoured car was conceived in the US at the start of WW2, based on a British specification which required a wheeled reconnaissance vehicle with a high level of protection, therefore armour plated, well-armed, and highly mobile. The Chevrolet design proposed a large armoured car which, following an extended programme of assessment and testing, went into production in late 1942, too late to be sent to British forces engaged in North Africa.  Allied forces were to receive the Staghound in the Spring of 1943 and  they were used in the Italian campaign by British and Polish armies  In spite of the impressive performance of this vehicle it was not adopted by the US army and so the 3,000 units produced were used solely by British and Commonwealth forces. Post war the Staghound was widely issued to the new European armies where some examples were in use into the 1970s.

Decals for 5 versions

Australia WWII Belgium italia_flag Poland WWII United Kingdom


756 – scale 1 : 24

MAN 26.321 Formel Six

These trucks are equipped with the so-called 6 cylinder “Formula 6” engine which incorporates some of the most modern features of Diesel engine technology. Our truck 26.321 is equipped with a lot of accessories which have become quite popular in Europe, such as special big horns, exhaust pipes and other details which copied from American trucks and which make Europeans trucks look much fancier. This truck has participated at the Trucker – Festival.


7050 – scale 1 : 72



The Sturmpanzer Brummbar was based on a variation of the hull of the Panzer IV armoured tank and devised for the infantry to reduce need for bunkers and fortified resistance centres. This vehicle was fitted with a heavy 15 cm howitzer with shortened mine-launching barrel, fully capable of completing its task. 306 models were built in early 1943 when the vehicle was first introduced.

Decals for 4 versions

Germany WWII