Models in preparation

In our studio we are working intensively on several projects. Photographically of them will be happy to share. The first float is now focených Š.328v, or more specifically the frame with floats. Another project is the CASA C-212th This morning, we deployed the press for the first test frame small parts. The form they are created “in the yard.” On the first test really is not bad, although some parts have additional coating, we have some numbers dofrézovat like. The form will debug and polish. The last subject is also a test smuggling 3D parts pylon bomb and bomb the forthcoming IAR-81 BoPi 1/32. Once it is finished, so parts will of course be injected – plastic. But if there’s something wrong and everything will fit you to verify the works printed on a 3D printer …

New product announcement from summer to autumn! & Today ships New products NEXT Island island DX

A new product scheduled to be released this summer – fall was announced!

New molds are appearing one after anotherIt is!It is!It is!


First of all, the big scale of 1/200!

【1/200 Battleship Yamato Kuroku type 46 cm 3 consecutive main turret】

And, following VELLFIRE the new car NEXT series!

【1/24 Suzuki Hustler】


New ship NEXT series will also continue new!

【1/700 Navy High Speed Battleship King 】

【1/700 Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Shinano】


The new Chibi Maru fleet also continues!

【Chibi Maru Fleet Shinano 】

【Chibi Maru Fleet Nagato】

【Chibi Maru Fleet Hinata】


The biggest enemies of Godzilla also appear in Chibimaru!

【Civil Mull King Ghidora】

With 1/72 Ultra Hawk No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 will be complete!

【1/72 Ultrahawk No.1】


I would like to write details but it seems to be very long. . .

I will speak slowly at a later dateGlitter


Fujimi, I’m doing my best to develop new products + .. ヽ (*> ∀ <*) ノ .. +.

So expect!


And it is an introduction of new products shipped today!

“Japan Navy destroyer island style DX”

Products are strengthened anti-aircraft weaponry and motif as a figure when participating in Ormoc transport operations etc.

It is a set that included etching parts for advanced users seeking precision.


Etching is 3 sheets, floating wheels, 6 metal guns, 2 torpedoes, 18 bombs are attached.

The floating ring is a color etching!

It is very profitable with barrels and torpedoes tooGlitter



The other day I got tensioned high on my blog

And the business partner told Chibi Mo ヽ (゜ ▽, ゜) ノ

From now on wastefully increasing the tension – (· ∀ ·) grinning


Well then let’s notice new products this time ♪


New products shipped today ~~~~ Lulurururu

Japan Navy Battleship Musashi DX


This Musashi DX

Battleship NEXT series battleships (∀ ∀ °) b


The motif which reinforced the anti – aircraft weapon which removed two sub – cannons is a motif (((o (* ゚ ▽ ゚ *) o)))



Signal yard · message office · high radiation device hood · rear spot site such as sponson,

Sticking to details Detailed reproduction (^ ε ^) ♪