Ugo Cadavera´s post regarding the Avia Bk.534, shows us how difficult it can be to Eliminating the swastika find a solution for eliminating the swastika from a WWII Luftwaffe marking scheme, in order for the aircraft to be politically correct. To be brutally honest, we would like to be historically correct rather than politically correct. However, this is really tough in today´s Europe, unfortunately. This is the reason why we eliminated the swastikas from our box-art, which is sometimes extremely difficult. As with the Avia Bk.534, the graphic design of the tail’s national insignia doesn´t allow for an easy solution, which means we simply ignore the swastika and print the tail empty, without the marking. Of course, we will follow the law and Ugo´s wish. The question remains, though, how to do this as well as we can? What is the best solution? You can help us fix this problem. Here you will see a couple of the possible ways for erasing the swastika from the Bk.534 tail, including some slightly politically incorrect variants. Please let us know your thoughts! Keep on modelling!