Acclaimed assembly, in the paint! Chibi Maruko fleet, well look a little brighter and Shinano finally mass-produced and the equivalent of color molded product began out ♪ color-coded = parts decomposition and become users had to determine the seal of camouflage patterns painted verification – outside the side of the ship No. 22 color in Mr. color 135 for. Hangar canvas has also been reproduced!


It seems that a submarine stabbed into the ocean floor was found off the Goto Island of Nagasaki prefecture.
It is said that I have 402 in it

Design first public ☆ Special EASY Nameplate plate!


It is May.




Today released in June

Special EASY series attached to Maya, Shozuru, Musashi in sets

We will release the name of the ship name plate design limited to this setGlitter

Shipped today! Notice of 2 new products

Hello! It is innocuous.Nico Nico

We introduce 2 new products shipped today.


1 / 12scale:?

Scheduled for release in June 2017

2017.05.29 I uploaded a new image.

* (Currently under planning, release time · price · specification · composition may be changed.) / CG image is an image, not necessarily consistent with kit contents.



Scheduled to be released in June 2017 K597 K598 1 / 12scale
😕 K597 Reserved for
acceptance K598 Reserved for acceptance