HI all This what ebay is missing out on. here are to new revamped decals that will be available in the next few days. I am doing these in between contract jobs. As they are quick printers. The 1/32 RAAF F-35 Decals FULLY UPDATED. $15.00 and The 1/35 Fully updated RQ-7B Shadows $8.00 I will put up an order form in the coming hours. payment can be made via pay pal or direct deposit Postage will be a flat $2.00 as there is no more ebay fees or demands. there are more decals to come over the coming weeks like the RAAF Growlers, RAN trackers, RAAF Supers and Classics as well as Part 1 or Op Okra Classics. These will be release as i get to them as I do still have some contract work left to get done. For those who have not seen yet. Oz Mods and I have also redone the Roulette PC-9 decals and yes fixed up some mistakes, as well as adding the ARDU and Myanmar Air Force PC-9s. This kit will be release very soon as in a week. we will also be stocking as they arrive the new 1/32 Italeri F-35 1/48 Kinetic Mirage IIID 1/48 Kittyhawk UH-1D/H Yes I will be finishing the 1/48 Mirage decals and will be releasing as the kit arrives the history of the Australian UH-1D/H decals. This is a BIG sheet. We may even get an MH-60R and S-70A-9 history set in their somewhere as well. any way this should chear a lot of you up and out of the Monday Blues. Sorry I could make a lot of these happen for Model expo.

New announcement – # 3581-1/35 IDF M60 w/ERA


Dragon continues rolling out superb Israeli armored vehicle subjects in its 1/35 scale plastic kit range, with the latest being the M60 w/ERA. After previously releasing a Magach 3 tank fitted with explosive reactive armor (ERA) (Item No. 3578), Dragon was hugely encouraged by consumer response to that subject. Now the stunning-looking M60 w/ERA is also available, featuring Blazer add-on ERA.

The arrangement of ERA modules is actually different from that on the Magach 3. Nevertheless, each ERA module fits onto the turret and hull easily and with precision. This M60 includes characteristic features such as an Urdan cupola, a thermal sleeve on the 105mm M68 main gun and machine guns mounted on the turret. Additionally, there’s a generous selection of photo-etched parts for delicate elements such as tool brackets and tow cable brackets, plus the tank uses one-piece tracks made from DS for added convenience. The 105mm main gun’s weatherproof mantlet cover is also made from DS to ensure maximum realism.

Hauler and Brengun news, June 2017


1 / 12scale Fulldetail Kit: XJR-12

Scheduled to be released in June 2017

2017.06.05 I uploaded a new image.

Because each Ver. 100 limited sale kit , please make an early reservation.

【About XJR-12】 XJR-12 is
the evolved machine that was introduced in 1990, while leaving the basic package such as XJR-9LM non-turbo V12 engine / carbon monocoque, which regulated Le Mans in 1988.
XJR – 12 greeted the 1990 Le Mans 24 Hours race, with the high reliability and competitiveness of the machine, I won the first victory in two years. At Le Mans in 1991, we struggled against rivals such as Mercedes and Mazda, but we showed active success in 2-3-4.
The evolution and ripening of the same type machine by TWR (Tom Walkin Show · Racing) that began with XJR-6 in 1985 closed the curtain with XJR-12 and gave way to the successor machine XJR-14 .


【Kit Outline】
■ Multi-material kit using white metal, urethane resin, metal ground, etched parts, rubber tires, decals, various codes.

■ 1990 specification with Le Mans control and lineup of 2 versions of the 1991 LM specification with a redesigned coloring.

■ Wheel rim, engine funnel, muffler end, wheel shaft / lock nut made of aluminum ground material. Lock nut is colored red / blue with alumite treatment.

■ The front / rear cowl is removable, the door can be opened and closed, you can see the internal structure even after completion.

■ The headlight lens is made of clear resin, and the glass surface mold is reproduced.



June 2017 will be released
K595 K596 1 / 12scale Fulldetail Kit: XJR-12 ¥ 70000 (+ tax)
K595 Now accepting
K596 Now accepting