1 / 12scale Fulldetail Kit: XJR-12

Scheduled to be released in June 2017

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Because each Ver. 100 limited sale kit , please make an early reservation.

【About XJR – 12】 XJR – 12 is
an evolved machine that was introduced in 1990, while leaving basic packages such as XJR – 9LM non – turbo V12 engine / carbon monocoque, which regulated Le Mans in 1988.
XJR – 12 greeted the 1990 Le Mans 24 Hours race, with the high reliability and competitiveness of the machine, I won the first victory in two years. At Le Mans in 1991, we struggled against rivals such as Mercedes and Mazda, but we showed active success in 2-3-4.
The evolution and ripening of the same type machine by TWR (Tom Walkin Show · Racing) that began with XJR-6 in 1985 closed the curtain with XJR-12 and gave way to the successor machine XJR-14 .


【Kit Outline】
■ Multi-material kit using white metal, urethane resin, metal ground, etched parts, rubber tires, decals, various codes.

■ 1990 specification with Le Mans control and lineup of 2 versions of 1991 LM specification with coloring renewed.

■ Wheel rim, engine funnel, muffler end, wheel shaft / lock nut made of aluminum ground material. Lock nut is colored red / blue with alumite treatment.

■ The front / rear cowl is removable, the door can be opened and closed, you can see the internal structure even after completion.

■ The headlight lens is made of clear resin, and the glass surface mold is reproduced.

■ Maker logo printed rubber tire.


Scheduled to be released in June 2017 K595 K596 1 / 12scale Fulldetail Kit: XJR-12 ¥ 70000 (+ Tax)
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acceptance K596 Reserved for acceptance