1/400 Clyde

scale: 1/400 | cat. no.: 401002
Kit contains:
– 1/400 ORP Błyskawica destroyer
– 1/400 ORP Grom destroyer
– diorama base
– 4 page instruction sheet with historical and technical data, assembly and painting instructions
Short history:
Upon perfroming the “Peking” plan which saw three Polish destroyers sail to Britian, the ships were placed under Royal Navy command on 3 September 1939 On 6 September they commenced their first combat patrol in Aberdeen area, and then, having navigated around Scotland, went to Plymouth. Atlantic voyages revealed poor stability of the ships. Upon conversion both ships were tasked with anti-U-Boat patrols around Ireland. The patrols also served to train Polish crews in cooperation with British ships. It is from that period that photos of ORP “Grom” and ORP “Błyskawica” moored on buoys in the Firth of Clyde date.
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producer: Mirage Hobby


scale: 1/400 | cat. no.: 400001
Kit contains:
– 153 plastic parts
– decals for 2 painting versions
– 3 page instruction sheet with history of the SHIP, technical data, assembly and painting instructions
– additional, coloured painting scheme
Short history:
ORP “Błyskawica” (Lightning) was launched on 1 October 1936 at 11:55 AM, and Mrs C. Raczyńska, wife of Polish ambassador in London, became it’s godmother. The ship got fully equipped by 1 September 1937. On 4 January 1938 command of the ship was taken over by Sub-Commander Włodzimierz Kodrębski, who previously was a commander of ORP “Burza”. During it’s wartime service, “Błyskawica” sailed many thousands nautical miles on patrol and combat operations. “Błyskawica” was the first Allied ship to attack an U-boat during WWII, it defended Narwik in 1940 and assisted in evacuation of Dunkirk. It fought against Italian and German aeroplanes in the Mediterranean at Bougie on 12.11.1942. The battle against German destroyers at Ouessant (during Normandy landings) and destruction of a german convoy at La Rochelle were described by the wartime press. As a reward for the merits, the ship was allowed to participate in the Opearation “Deadlight” – destruction of German U-boats.
producer: Mirage Hobby

Release Date : 2017-06-05 1/6 Motorcycle Series No.42 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Item No: 16042



Length: 390mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

Africa Twin: Like No Other
During the late 1980s, Honda’s NXR750 ruled the roost in the motorcycle section of the grueling Dakar Rally. Eager to share their success with the public, in 1988 Honda released a replica production model of the bike, named the XRV650. It was the first model given the now-legendary Africa Twin name, and its popularity across the world helped the expansion of the adventure-touring bike genre. While the Africa Twin name was to step back from the limelight for a period as sales halted early in the 2000s, it was never forgotten by afficionados of the genre, and when the it name was revived in 2015 in the form of the CRF1000L, it was cause for celebration. A semi-double cradle frame houses its 998cc, 92hp liquid-cooled 4-stroke parallel twin engine (Japan spec.), with a rugged off-road look provided by the capacious 18-liter fuel tank (Japan spec.) and twin headlights, plus 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels. A 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission model is included in the varied model range. Technology such as a ‘G’ switch to aid clutch control, Honda Selectable Torque Control system and more are at the rider’s disposal. The CRF1000L Africa Twin is a versatile motorcycle ready to take its rider anywhere, be that in an urban environment or the more rugged challenges presented by the great outdoors.

About the Model
★This is a 1/6 scale plastic model assembly kit recreating the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin. ★Length: 390mm, width: 158mm, height: 255mm (when center stand is used). ★The exhilarating form of the CRF1000L Africa Twin is captured in breathtaking large scale. ★Numerous metal shafts and screw-attached components make for an authentic assembly procedure and finish. ★Exquisite depiction of the 998cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke parallel twin engine features airbox and radiator details. ★Ignition and accelerator cables, brake lines and more are recreated using vinyl tubing. ★Semi-pneumatic synthetic rubber tires have realistic tread patterns. ★Features metal-plated silencer and exhaust components. ★Moving rear damper includes coil spring and metal shaft. ★Metal-plated components give front cowling emblem an authentic finish. ★Comes with clear red brake light and clear orange reflector parts.


Tamiya Color paints for finishing the 1/6 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

Tamiya Color Spray Color
(Item No.)
Tamiya Color
Spray Color
(Item No.)
TS-8 Italian red *1 85008
TS-42 Light gun metal 85042
TS-14 Black 85014
TS-45 Pearl white *2 85045
TS-17 Gloss aluminum 85017
TS-48 Gunship grey 85048
TS-21 Gold 85021
TS-63 NATO black 85063
TS-27 Matt white 85027
TS-80 Flat clear 85080
TS-29 Semi gloss black 85029
TS-83 Metallic silver 85083
TS-30 Silver leaf 85030
TS-87 Titanium gold 85087
TS-38 Gun metal 85038
TS-89 Pearl blue 85089
TS-40 Metallic black 85040

*1: When depicting Victory Red color scheme.
*2: When depicting Pearl Glare White (Tricolor) color scheme.

Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
X-1 Black 81501
80001 X-33 Bronze 81533
X-2 White 81502
80002 X-34 Metallic brown 81534
X-6 Orange 81506
80006 XF-1 Flat black 81701
X-7 Red 81507
80007 XF-2 Flat white 81702
X-10 Gun metal 81510
80010 XF-7 Flat red 81707
X-11 Chrome silver 81511
80011 XF-8 Flat blue 81708
X-18 Semi gloss black 81518
80018 XF-16 Flat aluminum 81716
X-23 Clear blue 81523
80023 XF-20 Medium grey 81720
X-31 Titanium gold 81531
80031 XF-56 Metallic grey 81756
X-32 Titanium silver 81532
80032 XF-85 Rubber black 81785



Sunderland Mk.V (SH72162) – Standa Hajek boxart

Yesterday afternoon, a mailman appeared bringing us a large cardboard envelope with another Standa Hajek’s masterpiece boxart. The picture will adorn our 1/72 Sunderland Mk.V kit (SH72162) and shows SZ566/Z machine flown by Vaclav Bergman in Singapore area during the Korea war when the Brits were also engaged in Malaya fighting communist insurgent forces. Vaclav Bergman, a Czech with DFC&Bar, fled his homeland Czechoslovakia twice, first time after the Nazis had stormed and occupied Czechoslovakia, and after the war because of the communist takeover. During the Second World War, he fought with the RAF flying fighter aircraft. He was one of the Czechs who took part in the Battle of Britain and in 1944 became the CO of No 313 Sqn RAF.

Having fled his home for the second time, he saw military service on the Spitfire Mk.XIV and later while in Malaya and Korea he flew the Sunderland. When his overseas deployment was over, he returned to the UK and completed his military career as a Coastal Command Shackleton pilot. For his service in Malaya and Korea, he received high military awards and became also one of only two Czechs (the other being Karel Kuttelwascher, a Hurricane night fighter ace) to be awarded with DFC twice.sh72162_short2bsunderland2bmk_2bv

We’re putting everything together for Modellbrno! Right now, everyone here is doing their best here to pack all the new kits for Modellbrno. We’re packing the SH72368 Fulmar Mk.II/NF Mk.II and components for SH32070 Tempest Mk.V Hi-Tech. The Helldiver is packed and the Letov Š.328 will also be packed today. As promised yesterday, here you can see the polished canopy for th L-39 1/48. Yet we still don’t know if we will have the canopy fot the buffalo 1/72 with us. And the same case is the canopy for Westland Whirlwind 1/32. We’re also working on other new stuff like the resin MAN 1/72. And right now there is a new project beeing milled. Can you guess what it is? Our collegues also compelted the galvanic mold for the FH-1 Phantom 1/72 which will be available this autumn or winter.

1 / 12scale Fulldetail Kit: Tyrrell P34 1977

Scheduled to be released in July 2017

2017.06.15 I uploaded a new image.

【About Tyrrell P34 1977】 Tyrrell P34
debuted in the 1976 Formula One Grand Prix round 4 Spanish Grand Prix at the Spanish Grand Prix and the unprecedented package of four front wheels created a big sensation in the world of F1, J. Schechter and P. De Paille The two drivers left a good result of 3 and 4th in the drivers ‘ranking and 3rd place in the constructors’ championship, and I proved the superiority of the aerodynamic and breaking performance obtained by using the small wheel.
The team owner K. Tyrell was the most noteworthy driver from Sweden who was taking the most attention while appointing De Paille, who had been the driving force behind P34 development in the next 77 years as a driver. Succeeded in acquiring Peterson, the team will further evolve P34 to watch the title acquisition, and will be in the season of the Grand Prix.
The 77-year-old chassis and engines remained almost of the previous year type, but the biggest difference was the body cowl which was fully covered up to the engine, and as a result aerodynamic performance further improved, in addition, between the engine and the gear box We set a spacer and extended the wheelbase. Thanks to these improvements, the speed of the top speed has surpassed that of rival machines.
However, as the battle between tire manufacturers of Michelin and Goodyear became fierce, Goodyear used by the Tyrell team had no choice but to concentrate on the development of regular front wheel tires, developed exclusively for P34, We will stop the development of the tires for the front wheels with the potential extracted. The combination of the rear tire which continues to evolve and the front wheel tire as it was before it gradually lost its balance and was forced to struggle and the four front wheels that had been dominated until then were driven into a situation that was disadvantageous , The team will take various measures on the machine to deal with them. Parts that extend the tread are added to the front wheels where sufficient traction can not be obtained and the tire protrudes greatly outside the front cowl. There are remarkable changes also on the appearance such as addition of air duct against brake trouble which occurred frequently, moving the oil cooler which was in the back to the front of the front cowl etc. You can imagine that these changes were due to drivers and races in the midst of the season and were repeating trial and error, but in the latter half they settle to almost the same specifications. <A I = 5> Although driving with this 77-year-old P34, the two drivers showed a good fight but did not win but the department who has been devoted to the development of P34 from the previous year is ranked second in the Canadian Grand Prix I showed you. Despite the improvement following the improvement in the 77th season, although it is a P34 of the 77 year type that can be said to be a disappointing machine that could not leave the record of about 76 years, the unique sophisticated styling Together with the fact that boasted top speed, we continue to attract motor sports fans.
【Kit Outline】
Among the 77 year P34 which many updates were done, we modeled the second-half battle specification which became the front wide tread at 1/12 scale.

■ Multi-material kit using white metal, urethane resin, metal ground, etched parts, rubber tires, decals, various codes.

■ Wheels and engine funnels are made from aluminum groundwood.

■ The nose / cowl is removable, so you can see the internal structure even after completion.

■ Maker logo printed rubber tire.


Variation K599 ● Ver. A: 1977 Rd.12 Austrian GP # 3 R. Peterson / Rd.13 Dutch GP # 3 R. Peterson / Rd.14 Italian GP # 3 R. Peterson / Rd.17 Japanese GP # 3 R. Peterson # 4 P. Deepailler
· Slick tire specification .


K600 ● Ver. B: 1977 Rd.15 US GP / Rd.16 Canadian GP [Qualify] # 3 R. Peterson # 4 P. Deepailler
· Rain tire specifications .

* (Currently under planning, release time · price · specification · composition may be changed.) / CG image is an image, not necessarily consistent with kit contents.


July 2017 will be released
K599 K600 1 / 12Scale Fulldetail Kit: Tyrrell P34 1977
K599 Now accepting
K600 Now accepting