Today we also want to show you the progress of our IMAM Romeo Ro37 and Ro37bis projects. The first one of these two to reach the market will be the Ro-37bis boxing, but not earlier than in September (as our Italian customers tend to enjoy their „all-Italian“ holidays in August). However, the sprue with interior parts has already been finished and you can inspect it below. We are pretty confident that the interior parts bring much nicer levels of detail than the original Classic Airframes kit.

Model in preparation VII Sometime last week we mentioned that our colleagues are workinf on the fuselage for Siebel/Aero C-3 1/48 (the fuselage forms will be two). Today we pressed the first testing parts and thanks to them we can start working on the interior 3D parts. Also we pressed ou some parts for the CASA 212. On our e-shop you can fom today buy the canopy for L-39 Albatros and F2A Buffalo 1/72.

1 / 12scale Fulldetail Kit: Tyrrell P34 1977

Scheduled to be released in July 2017

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【About Tyrrell P34 1977】 Tyrrell P34
debuted in 1976 F1 Grand Prix fourth round Spain Grand Prix, which caused a big sensation in the world of F1 from the unprecedented package of four front wheels, J. Schechter and P. De Paille Two drivers gave a good record of 3 and 4th in the drivers 'ranking and 3rd place in the constructors' championship, and we have successfully proved the superiority of the aerodynamic and breaking performance obtained by using a small wheel.
The team owner, K. Tyrell, was the most noteworthy driver from Sweden who was taking the most attention while appointing DePauleu, which has been driving the development of P34 in the next 77 years, as a driver. Succeeded in acquiring Peterson, the team will further evolve P34 to watch the title acquisition, and will be in the season of the Grand Prix.
The 77-year-old chassis and engines were almost the same as the previous year type, but the biggest difference was the body cowl full covered to the engine, resulting in further improved aerodynamic performance, in addition to the engine and gearbox We set a spacer and extended the wheelbase. Thanks to these improvements, the speed of top speed has surpassed that of rival machines.
However, as the battle between tire manufacturers of Michelin and Goodyear became fierce, Goodyear used by the Tyrel team had no choice but to devote himself to the development of regular front wheel tires, and was developed exclusively for P34, We will stop the development of tires for the front wheels that have extracted the potential. The combination of the rear tire which continues to evolve and the front wheel tire as it was before it gradually lost its balance and was forced to struggle and the four front wheels which had been dominated until then were driven into a situation that was disadvantageous , The team will take various measures on the machine to deal with them. Parts that extend the tread are added to the front wheels where sufficient traction can not be obtained, and the tire protrudes greatly outside the front cowl. There are remarkable changes on the appearance such as addition of air duct against brake trouble which occurred frequently, and moving the oil cooler which was in the back to the front of the front cowl. You can imagine that these changes were due to drivers and races in the midst of the season and were repeating try-and-error, but in the latter half they settle to almost the same specifications. <A I = 5> Although driving with this 77-year-old P34, the two drivers showed a good fight but did not win but the department who has been devoted to the development of P34 from the previous year won the second place in Canada Grand Prix I showed you. Despite the improvement following the improvement in the 77th season, although it is a P34 of the 77 year type that can be said to be a disappointing machine that could not leave the record of about 76 years, the distinctive sophisticated styling at that time the group Together with the fact that boasted top speed, we continue to attract motor sports fans.
【Kit Outline】
■ Among the 77 year P34 which many updates were done, we modeled the second-half battle specification which became the front wide tread at 1/12 scale.

■ Multi-material kit using white metal, urethane resin, metal ground, etched parts, rubber tires, decals, various codes.

■ Wheels and engine funnels are made from aluminum ground products.

■ The nose / cowl is removable, so you can see the internal structure even after completion.

■ Maker logo printed rubber tire. 

Scheduled to be released in July 2017
K599 K600 1 / 12scale Fulldetail Kit: Tyrrell P34 1977
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