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German Navy "Peter Stella" aircraft carrier


product description:
The No. 2 ship of the Ziborlin-class aircraft carrier uses the name of Peter Straussa, the German Airship Minister. The plan was built by Kiel's Germanic plant and started in 1938. As a result of the dispute between the German Navy and the Air Force on aircraft ownership, the construction plan was postponed, and the subsequent outbreak of World War II made the aircraft carrier canceled and dismantled on 26 March 1940, largely due to Hitler's decision to make the majority of the Navy Funds for the development of submarines, the two aircraft carriers were eventually failed to complete.
Product number 05628
product name German Navy "Peter Stella" aircraft carrier
Barcode 9580208056289
Product ratio 1: 350
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size Length: 750mm Beam: 90mm
Total number of parts 840+
Metal parts Anchor chain
Etching parts 5 pcs
Film film N / a
Resin parts N / a
The total number of plates 32 sprues, hull and stand
Date of publication 2017-05
More description -hft split into two parts
– Detailed flight deck and hangar deck
-Extensive photo-etched details included
-Aircraft Wing includes:
AR-195, Bf-109, Ju-87, Fi-167
-Complete ship and aircraft decal sets

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