Spitfire Mk.IX in 1/72 scale bulit by Jan Baranec. The model represents the color scheme no. 12 – LF Mk.IXc, MJ449, F/Lt. František Truhlář, 312. Sqdn., Appledram, June 1944. The „Naši se vracejí“ kit is August new release in the Limited Edition, cat. no. 2120. The kit also includes: – parts for three complete models of F Mk.IX, LF/HF Mk.IXc and Mk.IXe, – 39 camouflage schemes of Spitfires in the service of the RAF, and in the post-war Czechoslovakia, Israel and Burma – decals by Cartograf, stencils by Eduard – colour photo-etched details and painting mask – Brassin undercarriage wheels, and exhausts – 100 page book “Naši se vracejí”, by Zdeněk Hurt, 2nd extended edition – envelope with postage stamp “Naši se vracejí”, from year 2013.

1 / 12scale Proportion Kit: Ferrari SF 70H / Release Date:2017-08-25

Scheduled to be released in August 2017

2017.08.09 I uploaded a new image.

Ferrari’s F1 machine, SF 70 H, which fights the 2017 Grand Prix with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, will join the MFH 1/12 scale proportion kit series.

【Kit Outline】
■ Multi-material kit using urethane resin, white metal, etched parts, aluminum ground parts, rubber tires, decals.

■ It is a proportion kit that can omit the internal structure and enjoy assembly from assembly to completion in a short time with few parts scores.

■ Body design close to the real thing is reproduced by 3D data provided by Ferrari.

■ Lineup of two versions of Ferrari’s 2017 opening race winning Australian Grand Prix and 6th Monaco Grand Prix specifications won by Ferrari.

■ Wheel rim and exhaust end are made from aluminum ground. Maker logo printed rubber tire


Variation】 K607 ● Ver. A: 2017 Rd.1 Australian GP # 5 S. Vettel / # 7 K. Raikkonen · Vettel won the first place in two years in the 2017 Australian Grand Prix and Raikkonen entered fourth place I modeled the battle specification.


K608 ● Ver. B: 2017 Rd.6 Monaco GP # 5 S. Vettel / # 7 K. Raikkonen
· Perfect victory for Ferrari with Monaco GP for the first time in 16 years and one-to-finish for the first time in 7 years Kittens the decorated specifications.

* (Currently under planning, release time · price · specification · composition may be changed.) / CG image is an image, not necessarily consistent with kit contents.






Scheduled to be released in August 2017
K607 K608 1 / 12scale Proportion Kit: Ferrari SF70H ¥ 55000 (+ tax)
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