Panda (35023) -1/35 Russian Kurgan 25 IFV Object 695 – Unboxing&Review + full Build the model

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FULL KIT PARTS + PE parts + decal

Sprue shot

Sprue shot

Sprue shot

Etching part of the film, where the most need to produce the attention is the T15 short missile missiles, need to bend and other auxiliary tools

The activities of the track part of the use of the buckle plus track gear link way. A total of 180 tracks were given. According to the instructions on each side is 89 knots, the remaining two sections, it seems that when the production to pay attention to the

****construction of the kit In the pictures below****

The production process of the
main wheel is relatively tight installation, the need for a slight hole, before the installation did not pay attention, resulting in the inside half of the cracks have occurred.
The four wheels of the H16 are out of the positioning axis, the middle of the two H14 positioning axis rough, the need for reaming under the

Product malfunction Breaking parts were found and new compatible parts shipped
Manufacturer updated

C9 C10 two front fender body without positioning instructions, need to compare the manual or real car photo installed 



Kit The addition of the track is also a bright spot that greatly facilitates the separation of the track and the load wheel. The number of parts of the plate is not much, the nozzle is also better handled. Positioning points need to pay more attention to fake group and then under the glue, which can also reduce the glue marks. Overall look at the Kurgan chariot seemingly simple science fiction, carefully crafted and observed or have very rich details.

Because it is a trial version, the manual part or there are too many errors, compare the impact of the fluency. Look for the official version of the amendment. Etching sheet processing errors also need to be corrected in the official version, or too easy to lose PE19 parts. Missile Shield Etching Sheet Bending Auxiliary Tool, Loudspeaker Lights Parts missing also hope that the official version will be added and corrected.

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