AFV CLUB 1/48 Two seats AIDC F-CK-1D MLU Ching Kuo AR48109 – From start to finish + more Future kits

IDF (Indigenous Defense Fighter) F-CK-1C "Ching-kuo" national defense fighter "by the country" by the number fighters in the development stage, the name of the aircraft in the airplane named self-defense fighters IDF, Republic of 77 years 12 The F-CK-1A / B model was given to the F-CK-1A / B model (F refers to the fighter, CK is the name "by country" in English, 1 for the first And the A / B type of single, two-seat machine.) 90 years of the Air Force launched the "ASL project" performance improvement case to enhance the country's avionics, warfare and other systems and ground attack capability, and To solve the problem of disappearance of the source of the problem. ASL problem painting by the Hang Seng Center restructuring Han Han Xiang manufacturing manufacturing two prototype, and called F-KK-1C / D, prototype machine on the original "Xiang Sheng" words, 96 years March 27 by the President's words named "Eagle fighter." However, the Air Force did not fully accept the "ASL project" all the upgrade project, the other (MLU), which is now known as F-CK-1A / B MLU, which has been upgraded by the numbering fleet after the completion of the upgrade. The exhibition will be upgraded from the 98th Tainan 443, which will be upgraded from 98. With the addition of the "Xiang Zhan II" project, it will be further upgraded to Taichung Qingquan Gang 427 through the country. In order to simplify the name, the Air Force will complete the upgraded fighter from F-CK-1A / B MLU to F-CK-1C / D, referred to as IDF C / D, the day by the President Ma Ying-jeou officially announced to turn into an army.

To be continued ….


Combat Engineer Vehicle M728


M113 APC T130E1 Workable Tracklink


M68/L7 105mm Ammunition

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