TBA U.S Cougar MRAP Sagged Wheel set (for Panda 1/35) DEF Model DW35072 Total : 4 Resin Parts & Wheel mask + MORE HOT SETS YOU NEED TO LOOK…

  • US Cougar MRAP sagged wheel set for Panda 1/35 kit.
  • Produce current used MRAP tire – Michelin XZL 395/85 R20
  • Correct tires tread pattern, Fine detail wheels
  • 2 kind of different pattern directions weighted wheels x2
  • and Easy wheel mask
  • Total 4 resin parts & Wheel mask

TBA DM35020 M45(T26E2) 105mm Howitzer Pershing Conversion set (for Tamiya 1/35)

TBA DM35048 ROC M48H Tank Conv. set ( for 1/35 M60 patton tank) Oct.2015


Kubelwagen Type 82 Canvas Top
for Tamiya kit

DEF Model DM35064

Total : 1 Resin parts

  • 1/35 German Kubelwagen Type 82 canvas Top kit
  • Natural, Simply change, can make more realistic canvas top kubelwagen.
  • Made only one piece resin canvas part.
  • For 1/35 Tamiya Kubelwagen type 82 kit.
  • Total 1 resin parts

IDF KMT-4 Mine Roller Wheel set (for Academy 1/35)

DEF Model DM35036

Total : 12 Resin Parts

  • IDF KMT-4 Mine roller wheel set for Academy 1/35 kit.
  • Corret wheel shape, Corret size.
  • Fine detail mine roller wheels
  • 2 kind of metal wheels x4
  • 4 wheel hub parts
  • Not included KMT-4 kit.
  • Total 12 resin parts

K511 ‘ROK ARMY’ Truck Detail up set (for Academy K511A1 1/35)


JGSDF Type 10 Tank Detail up set Part2 (for Tamiya 1/35) (Feb.2014)
IDF Super Sherman Basic PE Detail up set (for 1/35 IDF M50,M51)(Feb..2014)