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1/700 Maritime Self Defense Force escort ship DDH-184 with etched parts Item Number J75E

Maker Pit road
Product Details We added etched parts to detail the parts of the Maritime Self – Defense Force helicopter equipped escort ship “Kaka” kit.

【Attached Etching Parts】
Safety net, boat container stand, crane for lubrication equipment, cage, mast antenna, rear bridge antenna and others. (40 mm × 88 mm)

[Plastic model contents]
or is a special plastic part: a mooring device, a port ladder, a work boat hangar, an offshore lubrication cover (opening and closing selection type), B type CIWS, a stern flat, mast top, extended White
helicopter rail (deck irradiation light) etc. · Attached helicopter: SH-60K patrol × 3, MCH-101, MH-53E minesweep · transport × 1 each machine
· attached vehicle: crane car, aerial work vehicle, Fork lift × 1 each, towing car, rescue work vehicle × 2 each, helicopter traction equipment × 3
· 1 entering
· total length: 354 mm
· offshore / full hull model selectable

size Approximately 354 mm in length
Product specification Plastic assembly model kit


PE 326 1/700 For the Japanese Navy Battleship Mikasa (for Company H)

Item Number PE 326
Maker Toms model
Product Details · 1/700 scale

parts Contents: It can be used for “H Company

Navy Battleship Mikasa” such as various handrails, front and rear bridge bases, funnel caps, stern walks, boat mounts, various rattars, jack stays .

Product specification Etching parts


PE 327 1/700 Japanese navy railings (chain, canvas cover)

Item Number PE 327
Maker Toms model
Product Details · 1/700 scale

A set of two-step railings that can be used for Japanese naval vessels. It is a set of three types, a curved chain, a type covered with a canvas cover, and a straight type.

Product specification Etching parts

JB 28 1/350 Maritime Self Defense Force Aegis escort ship DDG-173 Kon-zou

Item Number JB 28

Maker Pit road
Product Details Representing the recent state of “Kon-so”, which carries a part of the Maritime Self-Defense Force Aegis escort ship group, with new decals and additional parts! “Canada” can also be produced!

DDG-173 “Kon-so” is the name ship of the Kosugo type escort ship constructed under the medium-term prevention Showa era 63 year plan, commissioned as the first Aegis ship of the sea in 1993. In 2007 after renovation of missile defense capability (BMD) equipment we succeeded in intercepting simulated ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere from the sea by intercept test in Hawaii.

· Kit has included various polyurethane satellite antennas, 7.9 m internal boat and internal combustion boat (RHIB) parts so that the state of the recent years can be recreated to the conventional “konjou”.
· Accessories made of polyurethane (resin) parts: Various antenna parts (for satellite television reception antenna, NORQ-1 Super Bird satellite communication antenna Ku band, NORA-1C super bird satellite communication antenna X · Ku band both, NORC-4B Inmarsat private sector Communication antenna, USC – 42 satellite communication antenna, BMD antenna), 7.9 m internal boat, compound type working boat (RHIB)
· SH – 60 J helicopter (clear molded) × 1 machine attached
· Newly arrived ship sign changed to white , DDG-175 “Decoal” with decal
· 1
crown · offshore / full hull model selectable

size Total length 460 mm
Product specification Plastic assembly model kit

W199 1/700 US Navy Battleship BB-46 Maryland 1945

Item Number W 199

Maker Pit road
Product Details · BB – 46 Maryland was the second ship of the Colorado – class battleship commissioned in 1921 and was built as the first 16 – inch gun equipped with the US Navy Battleship. Although it was damaged in the Pearl Harbor attack, it returned in January 1942. Only as an American battleship, it became a battleship that left a cagomast in the front building even after renovation.
· The kit can reproduce the appearance of high-angle cannon and anti-aircraft guns as in 1945 as equipped with hedgehog.· The included etching parts include masts, cranes, catapults, radar, and so on.
· 1 entrance
· offshore / full hull model selectable

· images are products assembled and painted.

size Total length 271 mm
Product specification Plastic assembly model kit

W203E 1/700 Japanese Navy flying boat aircraft carriers with Akitsugu etched parts

Item Number W203E

Maker Pit road
Product Details As the fleet aircraft power, the Japanese Navy proceeded to improve and improve the flying boat and succeeded in developing excellent aircraft such as the Ninety-seven-type flying boat.
Although these flying boats played an active role in long distance patrols, special ship engaged in various supply, maintenance, repair, rescue etc. was needed as a forward base at sea to support it.
In response to this demand, “Akitsu-zu” was designed as a flying boat aircraft from the very beginning.- Renewal newly added with new ship bottom parts added.
Also, it comes with luxurious set contents, including Etching parts made by Tetramodel.
· Attached Etching Parts: Handrail, Outboard Electric Circuit, Front Mast, Aft Large Crane, Chimney Crane, Gun seat, Turntable, Ratar, Boat Davit, Bridge Window Frame, Door Hatch, Hoser Reel, Jack Stay etc
· Ninety Seven Types Flying boat × 1 machine, 2 type flying boat × 1 machine
· With newly designed ship bottom part
· New camouflage pattern decal included
· 1 cup included
· full length: 164 mm
· offshore / full hull model selectable

【Image included bundled etching parts It incorporates

size Length 164 mm
Product specification Plastic assembly model kit


1/35 IDF 1/4-Ton 4×4 Truck w/MG34 Machine Guns ON FOR SALE > 31/10/2017


EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195836090
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 9/1/2017
EST ARRIVAL: November 2017







This 1/35 scale IDF 1/4-Ton 4×4 Truck inherits the excellent foundational features of Dragon’s Truck before. However, it has been suitably modified to represent a jeep used by Israel. The model features a solid one-piece body tub that ensures accurate alignment. There are many new parts to help create the IDF variant, including a stowage box on one side of the rear compartment and a radio and antenna on the other. Perhaps the most notable feature of this vehicle is the mounting of two ex-German MG34 machine guns, one in front of the co-driver and another in the rear. The rear gunner is also provided with a bench seat. This is an exciting modification of the famous 4×4 American vehicle, now available with an Israeli twist for the first time in Dragon’s range.

– MG mounts are new
– Detailed MG34 machine gun
– New-tooled Box
– New bench seat for MG gunner
– New-tooled Radio & antenna
– Wire – Cutter on front part
– Spare wheel in new position
– Photo-Etched parts included