FULL Review OF RUSSIAN 9P113 TEL w/9M21 rocket OF 9K52 Luna-M short-range artillery rocket system(FROG-7) – trumpeter 01025



Frog-7 tactical rocket , officially code-named 9K52 "Moon-M" (Луна-M), is the Soviet Union made short-range tactical rocket system. "Moon-M" has no guidance system , relying on the spin of the missile to maintain stability. 9K52 is the Soviet Union Department of Defense Missile and Artillery General Administration of the design code, its NATO code is "frog -7". The name "frog" comes from the "Free-Rocket-Over-Ground" in the NATO classification, and the "Frog-7" rocket is mounted on a 9P113 wheeled three-way launcher. The car is converted from ZIL-135 8×8 military truck . The three vehicles are equipped with a large hydraulic crane for loading rockets from the 9T29 ammunition truck (also modified by ZIL-135) . The maximum range of the Frog-7 and Type A and Type B is 70 km and the Circle Deviation (CEP) is 500 m-700 m. This road powered tactical rocket has a 550kg warhead that can carry conventional high warheads, nuclear warheads and chemical warheads. "Frog – 7" first service in 1965, was widely deployed in the Soviet Union and a large number of exports, many countries have "frog -7" rocket.

After the Iraq war , Iraq on the inventory of the "frog -7" rocket was improved, the range increased to 90km, dress up the bullet warhead. This rocket is called "Leith-90" (Laith-90).

> Detailed cab.
> Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
> The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern
> The windshield and side windows are made of clear prts.




^^^On the box is a picture that illustrates the frog ^^^

instruction manual IN TOO



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Etching parts

Etching parts



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