Tiger pre-painted base & march fire fighting life-saving activity car details! !

Last week somehow I posted my blog can not be uploaded

Because there was no data left, I have been absent …Shobourne


Today released in October

Tigger I Michael Wittman (with colored base)

It is an introduction of the design of the pedestal.

Europe is a stage characteristic of stone pavementGrinGlitter

Dust and debris etc are also reproduced!




Also the point of the tram! !

I will not be able to see it when I put the teaASEASE



Just recreate the cartridge case and put it on the base

You can decorate cool without needing diorama



Designed with a signboard as a motif

It can be used for portrait or landscape orientation!



※ Because the prototype is underway, the photo is different from the actual product.

Marches released in September Decal for life saving life vehicles, packages also

It was completed! !

We can conduct an investigation and reproduce the march deployed in 10 places!

Ten places of course notation of the belongings around the car bodylove


Of course, it is easy to understand which number belongs as well as the descriptionnote





The antenna in the upper part of the front passenger seat is also reproduced with a decal! !

Marks in the car are also reproduced (22, 23)






Currently as a life-saving activity vehicle finished and as a mobile liaison car

We are in operation!

Therefore, the lifesaving letters and the blue mark · belonging notation are removed.

And although the aluminum tape is stuck on each part

It also reproduces! ! !


※ For convenience of the mold, please understand beforehand that there are parts different from the actual vehicle.



Where do you want to make a march belonging?

It looks fun to watch 10 tiles togetherChu


See you next time

Shipped today! Announcement of etching parts 1/350 and for 1/700

Since the beginning of September, the sunset faster, the morning and evening became cooler.

It is autumn already is not it ~Maple

I want to eat chestnut rice.love



Well this time,

I will introduce the etching parts shipped today.


To make detail of the 1/350 scale ship model

It is a perfect etching part series.



1/350 MS 35001 Catapult set for the Japanese naval vessel

Accurate shapes can be reproduced by combining two etches.



1/350 MS 35002 Rattan set for Japanese naval vessels

Since it contains multiple rattals, it can be used for various Japanese naval vessels.

It includes drum and raterals.



1/350 MS 35003 Japan Navy Navy ship side ship side tarap set

It includes multiple ramps and vertical railings.

It includes sticker and rope ladder.


1/350 MS 35005 Water-tight door set for Japanese naval vessels

Six types of doors are included.

A lift is also included.



1/350 MS 35006 Japanese Navy Navy Crane / Boat Davit Set

It is a set of cranes, boat davits, pulleys and so on.

Crane arm and radial are recorded.



1/350 MS 35007 Handrail set for the Japanese naval vessel

5 kinds of handrails are included.



1/350 MS 35009 Japanese Navy Ships’ side shield cable set

It is a set of outboard circuit.



1/350 MS 35023 Life saving set for the Japanese Navy

Life-saving color painted etching has appeared.

Includes floating rings and buoy, storage fence.



1/350 MS35037 Japanese Navy Navy Electric Detector / Radar Set

Three kinds of electricity search are included.

No. 21 Electric Search, No. 13 Electric Search and Azimuth Antenna are recorded.



Precise 1/350 scale kit,

Please increase the density further by etchingOK



Incidentally, etched parts of 1/700 scale shipped yesterdayRUNNER

Surprised MarkToday’s bonusSurprised Mark


Shopping mall in Shizuoka city,

I met the character “Trove” of Tabu ruinsA lol

Memorial shoot happycamera


It gently escorted, it was very gentlemanlyLovey dovey


The Plumo of the Temple ruins are on sale wellGlitter

Here tooNico Nico


It was innocent ~Bye bye