Mitsubishi FTO (Fresh Touring Origination)

Today is the new product shipped on October 5

1/24 scale inch up series No.49

It is an introduction of Mitsubishi FTO GPX ’94 / GS . (* ^ o ^ *)


Pure sports coupe that inherits the concept of Gyaran FTO.

He monopolized the topic of the year and received the 1994 Car of the Year award.


The kit is an early model of 1994.

It is modeled in the condition that the sports package of the manufacturer option is installed.


Aluminum wheels are sports package specifications.

Body other than rear spoiler, etc. to make it unitary

Considering ease of assembly,

The number of parts is made up with a relatively small amount.

The rear spoiler is a sports package.


Selectable instrument panel with right handle, left steering wheel.

Interior decoration with bathtub system.

Part of the suspension and disc brake and so on also reproduced

Chassis etc expressed by sculpture with muffler part as separate parts etc.

We are pursuing assembly ease and reality.


Mitsubishi FTO ships soon. Please stay tuned.


I’m back to work after a break, I used this time to study better solutions for my production, the result was the purchase of a great 3d printer to manage better design and printing times. this is the first set created with this new system, it’s a couple of Vietnam Usaf crew plus an flight line extinguisher, simple and effective. Price 14,00 eu. available now, other products coming very soon, thanks to all those who have enjoyed my products over the years

The new kit in the Limited edition

Velveta/Spitfire for Israel in 1/48 scale is focused on Spitfire Mk.IXe flown by Israeli Air Force in the late 1940‘s and 1950‘s. September release. Recommended accessories: – Spitfire Mk. IXc landing flaps, 48765, – Spitfire Mk.IX surface panels, 48766, – Spitfire Mk.IX cockpit, 648100 – Spitfire Mk. IX engine, 648112 – Spitfire – radio compartment, 648120 – Spitfire undercarriage legs BRONZE, 648124 – Spitfire Mk.IX top cowl late, 648306 – Spitfire Mk.IXe gun bays, 648334

parts of 2013


Dragon 6870 1/35 WW.II Japan Army Ninety-seven Formula Medium Tank “Chiha” Early Type

Product features


Scheduled for release in Sept

Code: 0089195868701
Plastic model kit

  • Model: DR6870
  • Manufacturer: Dragon / DRAGON

About actual vehicle

A vehicle that is indispensable for talking about the Japanese Army tank of World War II is a tank of the nineteenth formula.
In the Showa 12 year, the fire battle was cut and dropped from the Sino-Japanese War to the rest of the Pacific Theater, Kuril Islands and all other areas continued to fight as a main tank from the war to the end of the war.
Development started as a successor to the tank of formula 8, and it was completed in 1937, and it has been formulated in that year.
A turret equipped with a bullet-type antenna in a shape that is less compactly designed and a bilaterally asymmetric shape, an air-cooled diesel engine is mounted on the engine, and a unique seesaw type suspension is adopted for the undercarriage, It was a tank that was included.
It was a state-of-the-art tank that never took hold of the world’s tanks at that time, even though the mainstay of the German tank at the same time was II and III tanks.
Actual participation from the Nomonhan incident in July of 1945 (1939).
After that, in Malaya, he made a great battle and attracted attention.
However, the 18.4 caliber 57 mm gun whose main purpose was to support infantry can not deny the power shortage against fighter battles, but as the battle situation progressed, it was forced to struggle.
Three types considering antitank warfare, four types of medium tanks are also being designed, and by 1944 a total of more than 2000 production was recorded.

About the kit

It is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit that reproduced the model of the 1997 formula tank operated by the Japanese Army during the Second World War.
In 1945, modeled early type formulated in 1937 in detail by designing and supervising Japanese staff.
Of course, we adopted a slide mold for each part, including new parts, pursuing ease of assembly along with shape.
It is a kit which can be said as the definitive version of the 1997 formula tank.
The lower part of the car body using the slide mold is surely assembled with an integral part.
Detail of the underside of the car body is also expressed firmly.
In addition to delicate finishes such as suspensions, rolling wheels and starting wheels, NEO trucks are used for crawler belts, and natural sagging etc. can be reproduced in real, tightening the feet.
Especially the road wheels reproduced using slide molds will be impressive for that detail.
We have modeled each component in detail, such as reproducing unique suspension mechanism and spring parts with slide molds.
The upper part of the car body is molded into a unique shape using a three-directional slide mold.
Ventilator cover of engine deck is also delicate finish with different parts.
Rear plates and rear fenders of different parts are also slide molds, as well as the rivets that characterize the finish are well reproduced.
The asymmetrical turret is also modeled as a four-way slide mold, as well as the shape, as well as the details of the rivet.
Two types of headband antenna are prepared and can be selected and assembled.
In addition, the 57mm gun is made up of multiple parts, and the barrel base is reproduced in detail.
One new model, representing the Japanese tank, is the emergence of a new standard kit of 97 types.

Major features

  • Reproducing the 1997 formula tank operated by the Japanese Army during the Second World War
  • First time limited production only Japanese special limited bonus parts tank soldier figures included
  • In 1945, modeled initial model formulated in 1937 in detail by designing and supervising Japanese staff
  • Crawler tracks can reproduce natural slack easily and realistically on NEO truck
  • Pursuing ease of assembly with shapes, adopting slide molds for each part, including new parts
  • Delicate finish such as suspension, rolling wheel, starting wheel
  • Modeling each component in detail, such as reproducing the unique suspension mechanism with a spring part with a slide mold
  • Two types of headband antenna are prepared and can be selected and assembled
  • Rear plate and rear fender of different parts are also slide molds, as well as the rivets which characterize the finish are reproduced tightly
  • Etching parts such as exhaust pipe cover are also included
  • Asymmetrical turret is also a 4-way slide mold to model not only the shape but also the details of the rivet

3 variants of propellers

for the SE.5a kit in 1/48 scale: – propeller two-blade (left rotating), 648296, – propeller two-blade (right rotating), 648297, – propeller four-blade, 648318. Sets 648296 and 648318 are recommended for SE.5a powered by Hispano Suiza (September 2017 ProfiPACK kit, 82132), set 648297 is recommended for SE.5a powered by Viper (ProfiPACK 82131). All variants are suitable for the Royal Class edition R0015.