1/700 NX 6 Navy Battleship Hiei is the guide!


"1/700 Ship NX6 Japanese Navy Battleship Hiei"

It is an announcement!


Now with a multicolor molded part that does not require painting and a snap kit assembled without glue,

While considering easiness of assembly, high-detail shape is also reproducedAwesome

The product is based on the figure between the renovation of Showa 15th and the third Solomon battle, and the shape of the bridge which is a characteristic is precisely three-dimensionalizedGlitter

Curved shape of the bow reflects latest consideration!  !

It is reproducing the remodeling form only for Hiei for improving the wave-breaking performance

Linoleum deck

It is made into different parts and it becomes molding with linoleum color!

Not only the color tone, but also the fixture of the aircraft transport rail are firmly engraved.

Bridge bridge top

Battle of the Midway from Pearl Harbor attack

It is modeled in the range up to and the white part is reproduced with the molding colorSurprised Mark

Attached real seal hereRungnun

It contains gun barrel waterproof cloth, warship flag, emergency material timber etc with incision.

It is a specification that can easily express the color of detailOK



Although our stock is out of stock, we are preparing for production in productionSurprised Mark

Please wait for a whilePlease

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