New product shipped!

Hello Material A

At this time, we are struggling with preparations for the All Japan Model Hobby Show.

Even if you know the preparation in advance, you can not do it easily ~.


Well, the report slowed down, but yesterday a new product

1/48 ninety-six formula (iv) ship warfare Soryu airplane Corps and

Of specification changes 1/35 Type 3 Chi-Nu “sea bream” long-barreled type the

We shipped.

The new product, the ninety six formula warship, is popular

It is Sorimachi Airplane Corps specification .

There are three distinctive markings for large format decals

It is contained!
Individually it is recommended because the blue color marking Reikoku-348 (Daichi female teacher number) seems to be conspicuous at exhibitions OK.

In the specification change three types of medium tank “Chinu” long barrel type ,


The package illustration is cool.

In terms of sales S, Mr. Nobunada Ueda’s most favorite in our package illustration ,,,,Surprised


The crawler track is an example of a plastic assembly type.

Since it was a belt-type soft resin in the kit which had been released before,

The strength rose to each stage, so that sag was realistically reproduced.

Reproduction of weight feeling is perfect in thisOK


Since the seal of ↓ is affixed to the initial production minutes ,,,,

“I like the belt type easy and easy to assemble, so belt type is the best!”

Those who are still in stock may still have a stock,

Please look for what you do not have a sticker right nowWaterfall sweat


As soon as tomorrow, I think I will line up at the store on Saturday, September 16.

How about making a model for three consecutive holidays?