scale: 1/50 | cat. no.: 508002
Kit contains:
– 76 plastic parts
– 3 vacuum-formed sails
– decals for one painting version
– 4 page instruction sheet with historical and technical data, assembly and painting instructions
Brief history:
The history of "Opty" yacht goes back to the inter-war design of "Konik Morski" built by the Yacht Yard in Gdynia. The vessel was designed by Leon Tumiłowicz. "Opty" gained fame when Teliga sailed around the world. His voyage commenced on 25 January 1967 and ended on 5 April 1969 in Canary Islands. The route of 28 000 nautical miles went through: Casablanca, Canary Islands, Antilles, Panama, Galapagos, Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Fiji and Dakar. The leg from Fiji to Dakar was a record-breaking trip over 14 500 nautical miles without calling at any port.


NEW COMBI sets 1/35

KET-T Combi set (Combi_PS35257)
KZKT-7428 Combi set (Combi_PS35268)
MAZ Timber Combi set (Combi_PS35266)
MAZ-545 Combi set (Combi_PS35274)

 MAZ-545 saddle tractor set & MAZ-537 Trumpeter kit

MAZ-537 Timber set & MAZ-537 Trumpeter kit

KZKT-7428 saddle tractor set & MAZ-537 Trumpeter kit

KET-T recovery truck set & MAZ-537 Trumpeter kit

A new Def-girl will come. Her name is Jennifer. :D  Her job is a mechanic. It can be used anywhere in the military or automobile.

Coffee break with Maria. 
This time she picked up coffee, not a smartphone. 😉
Jennifer will be available in four scale.
and 1 / 24 scale Maria will also be released together.

By the way … My country is a long national holiday from next weekend. My new products will be released in mid – October.

Her name is Jennifer. 😀  Her job is a mechanic. It can be used anywhere in the military or automobile.

Coffee break with Maria

Jennifer. Her job is a mechanic