At the outbreak of World War II she was with the 3rd Cruiser Squadron in the Mediterranean, having arrived at Malta on 2 September 1939.

Home Fleet

Penelope and her sister ship Arethusa were reallocated to the 2nd Cruiser Squadron in the Home Fleet and arrived at Portsmouth on 11 January 1940. On 3 February she left for the River Clyde en route to Rosyth. She arrived on 7 February, and operated with the 2nd Cruiser Squadron on convoy escort duties, and in April and May 1940, she took part in the Norwegian operations.

On 11 April Penelope ran aground off Fleinvær while hunting German merchant ships entering the Vestfjord. Her boiler room was flooded and she was holed forward. The destroyer Eskimo towed her to Skjelfjord where an advanced base had been improvised. Despite air attacks, temporary repairs were made and she was towed home a month later. She arrived at Greenockin Scotland on 16 May 1940 where additional temporary repairs were carried out, before proceeding on 19 August to the Tynefor permanent repairs.

After repairs and trials were completed in August 1941, Penelope reappeared as 'a new ship from the water line down'. She returned to the 2nd Cruiser Squadron at Scapa Flow on 17 August 1941. On 9 September she left Greenock escorting the battleship Duke of York to Rosyth. Later that month she was employed in patrolling the Iceland – Faroes passage to intercept enemy surface ships.

On 6 October 1941 Penelope left Hvalfjord, Iceland, with another battleship, King George V, escorting the aircraft carrierVictorious for the successful Operation "E.J.", an air attack on enemy shipping between Glom Fjord and the head of West Fjord, Norway. The force returned to Scapa Flow on 10 October 1941.

Force K

Penelope and her sister Aurora were then assigned to form the core of Force K based at Malta, and departed Scapa on 12 October 1941, arriving in Malta on 21 October. On 8 November, both cruisers and their escorting destroyers departed Malta to intercept an Italian convoy of six destroyers and seven merchant ships sailing for Libya, which had been sighted by aircraft at 37°53'N – 16°36'E. During the ensuing Battle of the Duisburg Convoy on 9 November off Cape Spartivento, the British sank one enemy destroyer (Fulmine) and all of the merchant ships.

On 23 November, Force K again sailed from Malta to intercept another enemy convoy; next day they sank two more merchant ships west of Crete. Force K received the Prime Minister's congratulations on their fine work. On 1 December 1941, Force K sank the Italian merchant vessel Adriatico, at 32°52'N – 2°30'E, the destroyer Alvise da Mosto, and the tanker Iridio Mantovaniat 33°45'N – 12°30'E. The First Sea Lord congratulated them on 3 December.

On 19 December, while operating off Tripoli, Penelope struck a mine but was not seriously damaged, although the cruiser Neptune and the destroyer HMS Kandahar were sunk by mines in the same action. Penelope was sent into the dockyard for repairs and returned to service at the beginning of January 1942. On 5 January, she left Malta with Force K, escorting the Special Service Vessel Glengyle to Alexandria (Operation 'ME9'), returning on 27 January, escorting the supply ship Breconshire.


Content box

Instructions PAGE 1

Instructions PAGE 2

Instructions PAGE 3

Instructions PAGE 4

Instructions PAGE 5

Instructions PAGE 6

Instructions PAGE 7

Hull parts 1

Hull parts 2

Hull parts 3

The hull

Hull parts 4

Hull parts 5

PE parts


The kit is rich in very high quality and detailed parts
The accuracy here is very high
Very good product and here you get money for money Although there is a lot of work here is still interesting and intriguing kit.
A lot of thought and resources have been invested here so you can enjoy this product
Definitely worth a purchase

Today's lifting! December New product ③ Operation of Kenichi / Kitaji Operation Air Battleship Fleet Set Tian 1 No. Strategy First Movement Unit Set

Hello May.

Introduction of noteworthy products of new products in December is also the last

It is an introduction of the popular 1/3000 series.




Mizuzuru become a decoy and attract enemy mobile units to the north! ~ Kiichi issue strategy

Transport important strategy resources to mainland Japan! ~ Reproduce Operation Kitano




Operation of Kiichi / North Operation Air Battleship Fleet Set (Ise / Hyuga / Ruisuru / Oyodo / 7 destroyers)

"Camouflage of Ruisuru" which is difficult to paint on 1/3000 scale is commercialized as a new color of decals & outer side 22 No. color!

The Kenichi strategy (Ozawa fleet) that can be reproduced with this product is a large-scale operation of the Japanese Navy that was invoked for Philippine defense in October 1953, centered on aircraft carrier Zuzuru to facilitate battleship's main attack It was a sortie that a maneuvering forces called out as a decoy to attract US mobile troops. In addition, the Kita Operation that can be reproduced by rearranging the ship attached to the product, the resource transport by merchant ship from the south to mainland Japan was almost destroyed by submarines / mobile troops of the US Army, and in February 1951, Ise · It was a strategy of packing goods and transporting it to the mainland of Japan, with ships based mainly in Hinata.

The Akizuki type reproduces the differences of the machine gun base with special parts from the late-stage built-in winter months and after.








Union fleet · Last sortie.

In April 1954, in order to shoot down US forces that landed in Okinawa

Battleship Yamato and the 2nd Laminar Sentai south of Bungo Water …





Tian I Issue First Destruction Unit Set (Yamato / Yao / 8 destroyers)

A fleet centered on the Okinawa Seaplane Operation Operation / Battleship Yamato was set as a new design · New Gold Light Circle 矧, Akizuki type.

At the end of the Pacific War, 10 first firing units, including Battleship Yamato, sorted out in order to attack the US Army that landed in Okinawa in April 1954.

"Fuyu moon" "Ryuki" reproduces the differences in the position of the machine gun base in the center, making different reproductions.


□ "Yagin" is reproducing the aeronautical deck different from "Sakura" on sale with new parts.






Those who want to get it surely recommend booking at a shop.

So again next time!

It was May – ('▽ `) ノ

Today's lifting! December New product information ② Chiba Chinu / Tigger I Eastern Front Specification / Chibi Maru Fleet Kii

Hello, it is May.

We will continue delivering new product information today.



Chibi round series with deformed cute

Military and warships are scheduled for release in December!




Following the genealogy of the Japanese middle tank – "Ninety Seven Formula (Chiha)"

The trump card of the decisive battle  "three formula middle chariot (Chinu)" appearing rounded off!



Chiba Maru 3 Medium Tank Chinu

Unlike Japanese tanks which are far different from the main tank, main chassis with welded structure, chassis with less rivets less refreshed, newly designed · new mold! Together with the opening of the Pacific War, I felt the difference between American tank tanks and fire power / defense strength, developed as a tank that can compete with the M3 Stuart / M4 Sherman tank.

Tank of the front mold The size of the 75 mm cannon from the main tank 47 mm cannon gun was enlarged, and the turret composed of a plane became a large form unprecedented.

Mass production is started but the actual war has not participated due to the mainland battle that should come, so the war ended.

■ Chibi Maru Military Series is famous for its history, modeled on tanks, made it look cute to make it look like deformed · look.


■ It is assembled without adhesive, and it can be completed without painting with the attached seal and color plastic parts.


□ 75 mm turret equipped with muzzle brake and major parts centered on the top of chassis are newly designed · new molds are adopted.


□ In case you want to finish with paint, we made it possible to use the vehicle number etc contained in the attached decal.

Aim for Sterling Lard !!

Tigger on the Eastern Front I advance!




Chiba Tiger I (Eastern Front Line Specification)

Three color camouflage The third type of Tigger following the South Africa specification is the Winter Camouflage of the Eastern Front Winter camouflage in 1943 reproduced in white winter camouflage in 832 when he was waiting in Voltaire.

The motif reproduces the early type which carries the air cleaner on the back.

It is a snap-fit ​​type design and requires no adhesive.


■ Painting is unnecessary due to color reproduction with molded color and seal.


■ The decal is also included, it is also safe to those who wish to finish by finishing with dirty painting etc.


□ White for assimilating in snow adopts a white molded color in a dull atmosphere in dullness. Caterpillar, tow wire is color coded by molded color of gun metallic.


□ Included in the attached sticker are chassis numbers and iron cross marks as well as fine accessories such as rolling band rubber, scoops and wooden boxes.


□ Completion size Height: About 65 mm Width: About 65 mm Total length: Approximately 120 mm (Including up to the barrel tip)





The Chibi Maru fleet's "Fifth Supplementary Plan" is invoked! !

A planeship with 51 centimeter gun equipped with more than Yamato type battleship is commercialized!




Chibi Maru Fleet Kii

"Yamato" "Musashi" followed by "Shinano" appeared. We will add a new mold and model it as "Yamato type battleship" which becomes the highest peak of the Yamato series.

In order to combat the American battleship which would carry the same 46 centimeter gun as Yamato type, the design of the turret tower was advanced with the large battleship planned after Daiwa type, Kaiwa type, while the design of the entire ship was not yet completed Completion, its appearance is a ship wrapped in a mystery.

The Chibi Maru fleet series is a cute figure that makes you want to collect deformed appearance by modeling a ship that was active in the Japanese Navy.


■ It is assembled without adhesive, and it can be completed without painting with the attached seal and color plastic parts.


□ The product is a figure with anti-submarine camouflage in the latter half of the Great War, and the main parts are molded in bright green (outer 22nd color).


□ The deep green color of the ship's central part (outside port No. 21 color) reproduces without painting by affixing a real seal excellent in followability.


□ When making it, please enjoy it together with the attached ship name seal, together with the exhibition "Chibi Maru Fleet No.0 pedestal" which is sold separately.




Next scale is that popular scale! !

to be continued!

Today's lifting! December New product information 1/350 Battleship Hyuga

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This time of this month has been done ~Laughing crying

We will deliver the new product information of December 2017 announced today!



In the last decisive battle of the Allied Fleet "Jiichi No. Operation", the decoy carrier carrier troops

"Aircraft battleship Hinata" which was fierce for the escort of the death battle has been commercialized!


1/350 scale

Japan Navy Battleship Hinata

"Hinata" will be the first commercialization on 1/350 scale!

I will reproduce the form different from the first ship "Ise" with a new mold.


Aerial Battleship Hinata is the second ship of "Ise type" built following the fuselage of modern battleship "Fuso type", built at Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipbuilding branch in Taisho 7th year.

Refurbished once before the opening of the Pacific War, in order to replace the turret explosion accident in 1954 and the loss of aviation power in the Midway battle, the 5 th and 6 th turrets were removed with Ise at the time of recovery and the operation Implemented refurbishment with possible air deck.

In the last day of the battle between Japan and the United States, Operation Kuichi, escorted a mobile force centered on Ruisuru.

After that, in July 1958 the air raid wrecked out of Wuyang Port and closed down its history.

(Mounting rack) Work on the air deck · A stand for loading comets on the ship is newly developed with special parts and comes with the product

Unlike standard scales of the warship model 1/700, it is big scale so it reproduces detailed shape.



■ The product is mainly composed of left and right partitioned hulls that can be finished as a full hull type.


□ (shielding device) A large baffle device is installed on the battle bridge, reproduced with a special part of the new mold



□ (Main gun shooting command center) Near the top of the bridge, its shape differs from that of Ise and reproduced with new parts.



□ (Watchpoint) The watchhouse located in the center of the bridge bridge is different from Ise because its shape and height dimensions are different, so it is reproduced with new parts.



□ (near the gun) The sponson equipped with the gun is long in shape behind Ise, and the struts on the bottom are reproduced in different parts considerably.



We are scheduling shipment on December 11th.

I am still going on ~ ('▽ `) ノ

Introduction of 1/700 ship NEXT Akagi


1/700 Ship NX4 Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Akagi

I will introduce youA lol


Our company stock is getting less,

I am preparing for production at the momentdash



The ship NEXT series ,

The ship model is easier to make,

Plakit realizes still realistic yetGlitter


Its characteristics are …

◆ Unnecessary painting by molding each part color-coded

◆ Partition matching adopts a noticeable splitting method

◆ Snap kit that does not require glue

◆ Real seals to reproduce the color coding of the details included

◆ If you drop under the waterline, the offshore model can be reproduced


By the way … "Kanekuto" is not "Forex Next" ~Buddha



Package here ↓ ↓

Mr. Yoshiyuki Takkodo is in charge of box art.



Finished product is here ↓ ↓

On the 1/700 scale with high collectivity, size feeling is like thisNico Nico

Parts here ↓ ↓

… "That Hatena Marksurprisingly few Hatena MarkHatena Markwho seemed to" Do not Come?Ushishi


In fact, compared with Akagi of special series,

Akagi is the number is about parts of the ship NEXT 2 of 3 minutes is whatSurprised Mark


Without damaging detail,

In consideration of ease of assembly, we have saved parts.OK



Next, attention to the flight deck unique to the aircraft carriereye

Elevator, expansion joint, wind fence, chimney tip etc

It is reproduced by color coding.


The white line and the ship hauling braking device can be reproduced with the attached real seal.

We also have a water transfer decal for paint users

And …

The structure and pillar behind the flight deck are reproduced preciselyOK

Personally, I love Akagi from this angleLovey dovey


I'm particular about stuff that I can not seeGrin


Once completed, I hope you enjoy seeing from various anglesBlunderGlitter



It was innocentWild boar

See you next weekBye bye

OzMods produces a huge range of aircraft conversions and accessories in 1/144, 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32.

These are all listed on our website at One interesting item is this 1/144 Grumman Greyhound conversion (OZCONV 14421) which uses the Revell Hawkeye kit as the starting point. The OzMod's conversion contains a clear injected Greyhound fuselage (into which is inserted a supplied flight deck), a new injected plastic tailplane and loading ramp, and various aerials. Colourful decals are also provided. Whilst this conversion has the four-blade prop, later versions of the aircraft can be modelled with the eight-blade prop – available from OzMods as OZCONV 14422.