About Honda Odyssey package · "shipping" "release"

Hello! It is Mee!


Today I introduce Honda Odyssey '95 (4WD) / S type package ,

I'd like to talk about "shipment" and "release" occasionally with questions!


First off, Odyssey! ! Package is here!

This is that … That's when the Adachi family was on the CM ~! !Kyo rookyo

Ohhh ~ Adachi family so I love you

Nostalgic ~ ~ ~! ! It became!itchywow

I like hands the mostBlunderheart


This is shipped October 11th !cracker

It is a bit far ahead! ! I think there are news again!Kira

We are pleased if you can come by all means!



And this "shipment", "Is not it different from release?"

And occasionally ask a questionFace 2


Products will be shipped the same day from us,

There are various branch points and rules before reaching the shop.


Meanwhile, it takes days to deliver by location etc.,

Because it takes time to sort,

By all means the same number of days, always on sale at the same time at the same time!

That is difficult with that. . .

This is also the same as online mail order> <sweat


That there are many people waiting for release

I am very happy, so as much as possible for us

I'd like to deliver it as soon as possible,

Since various people work hard in the middle,

It would be greatly appreciated if you wait a little slowly!


It was me.A snake