Ok finish the first T1 build and adjustment report sent. Expecting final pre production next week!

From this T1 built, for those has experience on our FRS1 or FA2, this version has a new created part for intake and realign wing to fuselage fit. It remove all issue in previous version.


48073 – 1/48 F/A-18A/B/C/D Blue Angel 2017 – Coming in 2018!


Hello is Friday TODAY

Onboror machine who recruited the collector the other day It is a fierce race March

, but my married parents have been decided safely.
As soon as the hobby show is over, we will promptly arrange the documents.
Such a translation is a deadline for recruitment.
Anyway, I am surprised that there was an entry and thank you at the same time. Thank you very much.

Today at the moment we have to proceed with related relocation registration related to such March, our company's planning and development department is okay at preparing for the hobby show.
Last night and preparations were possible ahead of schedule and last night of the night and the morning of the night every day were considerably reduced, but this time it is hard for us to receive molded items of the new mold and not having it.
In addition, this time the pro box / succeeding begins with Zero Otomaru, Nishigo Ichiban star and Oomono are many so the situation is quite serious …Guan

I will do my best at the weekend return so that I can manage the day safely.

That's why I'm going to change it SHOW SHOW noteWe will introduce new products sold this month that we finished preparing for this monthGlitter

The ☆ model car No. 56
1/24 Nissan KHGC 211
Skyline HT 2000 turbo GT-ES '81


First of all, package


Prototype finished product


It is like this.
It is also a commemorative package of the 60th anniversary of the Skyline birthday this time. … but this time it will be the last since the logo of this 60th anniversary was instructed by Mr. Edo, as it is to operate up to the new product sold in September.

That's why it's Aoshima's Japan. This time is a 56-year-old hard top and a late preliminary selection kit.
Actually, the Japan of the ☆ model car No.52 that we released earlier was both the reappearance of the latter half term, but the reproduction of the turbo is here only.
The number of "Shinagawa 58 and 41-52" was made for Osan Hui Hoi for Maniya. People who understand what number and number, please do so by all means.
By the way, the decals of Lonesome Carboy are Omakedes.
High next ~

The ☆ model car No.57
1/24 Nissan P430 Cedric / Gloria 4HT 280E
Bloam '82

First of all, package


Prototype finished product


It is like this.
The topic this time is the new front grill and the wheel . Of course I will also enter for Gloria ~
This effect is intended to evolve the front mask to modern quality almost but how is it? Although What?
there is no change around the tail, I think whether the whole atmosphere was also improved considerably by the new wheel .
This is goodness of the atmosphere which can not be transmitted by just images, so please take the actual thing by all means.

Both JAPAN and 430 BOURAM are scheduled for shipping late this month.




, The recent ☆ ☆ model car series is progressing to standardize "aluminum number plate" as a standard.
The number plate only for the characters in the decal is for that purpose.
Please try using it by all meansRungnun

Well, today I can not go back until the end of the Konohito pushing pushing … This is how it feels like a goose. Oh

!Oh yeah important story.
Value Deccra is likely to price revise from next year, Thunderso please buy it while you are doing at the value decalatable price.

So this week this is the end.

See you next Friday