I went to Kochi Prefecture Kochi City Marmohovi ~ Kochi!

Occasionally renewed Ehoku’s all-Japan barge model shop trip 13th timeGhost

I visited Kochi prefecture Kochi City’s “Kochi no Marmohovi ~” thirteen times.


Speaking of Kochi City, bonito Pisces is famous.

Tataki who ate with garlic was great!

The next day, it was hard to erase the smellBeat


Mr. Marmohovi of Kochi, but it is about 10 minutes on foot to the south from Taxin trafficElectric train

The Aoshima Plastic model was centered on cars and water lines

New product is in another corner! !

Full run 1/1 cat also released a new Black catlie

Not just a plastic model, up to this one …

Shop owner handmade jigs and minnows

Plastic model hobby and fishing gear There are many things in common when you make your own.


Please drop in to “Kochi no Marmochovy ~” from the plastic model to the fishing equipment and also cats will welcome you.


Kochi’s Marmohovi ~


Kochi Prefecture Kochi City Otsuro 1809-5

TEL / FAX 088-866-0178

E-mail marumo_hobby@ybb.ne.jp




We would like to introduce our new brand Plastic Passion!

Kits will be released under Plastic Passion are made by the very talented friend of us, Gábor Szabó. The masters are entirely hand made by Gábor, but SBS will do the production, graphic works and distribution.

First two kits are Miles M.2F and M.2H Major Hawks in 1/72. Kit will contains resin parts, decal sheet, printed clear film for windscreen.

Kits will debut at Malmö C-4 Model show, and will be on sale of course at Telford 🙂

The event is about to start!

It has become a climate that is easy to spend like autumn.

How about everyone? It is SYAIN ☆ T.

A large-scale event of a certain game has ended …

No result! !

I could not get it! !

Although it is a little exaggerating to say, I could not pick up the heavenly fogUntitled

How was everyone?

Everyone who could not pick you up,

Please do not worry. There is this!


1/350 scale plastic model

Imperial Navy destroyer heaven fog

Even if you are wondering what you are talking about now, it is autumn of art How about trying to buy this kit and build a heavenly fog by yourself?

Please try making it by referring to it here.

The third bullet 1/350 scale Japanese navy destroyer heaven fog

Well everyone next event will start next week!

So Surprised Mark2017 All-Japan Model Hobby ShowSurprised Mark !

Then, I will introduce a new product.

(We have already introduced other people, but again …)

Here’s an eyeball

airplane1/72 scale F – 14A Tomcatairplane

We are updating and adding some existing parts so please look forward to it!

With F-14A Tomcat, please also come

1/72 scale

Seat Belt 1 for Working Machine (for F-14 · F / A-18)

Thank you.



Secret1/35 scale Eighty-nine formula Medium Tank FormSecret

It is long-awaited ver.RIKUGUN!


Finally it is a nano aviation series.

Until now it was a seat belt but this time

It becomes turning machine gun for aircraft .

1/72 nine-equation 7.7 mm swing machine gun (Luis machine gun)


1/48, 92 type 7.7 mm swing machine gun (Luis machine gun)

It is a shape that I have seen somewhere.


1/72 MG 15 7.92 mm turning machine gun (complete set of navy / army 1998 style)

1/48 MG 15 7.92 mm turning machine gun (complete set of navy / army 1998 style)

It seems that the unique cartridge receptacle was used in the German army.

Although it is easy, it was an introduction of a new product.

2017 Please look forward to the All Japan Model Hobby Show.

Well then, everyone look forward to it!


Painted kit? Finished product? Which airplane do you want?

In the scale model corner

Painted fighter planet model,

New release from Domencho!

It is “Aya” series

Tamtum price ¥ 1,840 (excluding tax)


As you can see, painting and marking are all attached from the beginning.

I would like to recommend it especially for beginners.

By the way, Mr. Dormy company was also putting out finished products.

For those who are troublesome to make, this is also good.

In the toy corner, we have all the fighter which can be made easily.

The new product “Boeing Collection” is still in stock.

If you are interested in the sample please.

If you would like a quick battle of finished goods etc, please click here.

Each fighter fighter of one navy, two navies, five naval battle faithfully reproduced.

Because it is a die-cast model, it is also a heavyweight weight.

Because it has a base, put it on the desk,

It can be used as an accessory.

A sample of Civilmar ‘King Gudola’ arrived from Mr. Fujimi! While deformed, fine details of the scales and posing are easy with each joint move! Snap fit model requires no glue! Even beginners can easily assemble them. Please feel the power at the store by all means! !


We also have a handy small size finished product model, so check it out!



☆ Featured item here in the case corner !

Heartful made of acrylic 

Collection Case

Tamtam price

¥ 4,990 (excluding tax)

Acrylic case so transparency is perfect !

Because the size is large,

I also enter a 1/18 minicar.Bigger like a C car

Type will also enter!

It is a new reservation good today.

◆ Sunstar ◆

Deadline on Sunday, September 24


◆ Bites ◆

Deadline on Sunday, September 24



Tue December 3 (Tue) deadline


We look forward to your reservation! !


· Tomica Limited Vintage

New products on sale in September!


· 01 1/64 Mazda 787B 1991

Le Mans champions