New announcement – # 7563-1/72 Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger Henschel Production Type

Dragon new addition to the 1/72 product lines is a Jagdtiger of Henschel Production type. The Jagdtiger was an armored monstrosity produced by Germany. Indeed, it was the heaviest armored fighting vehicle to serve during WWII. Weighing in at 71.7 tonnes, the Sd.Kfz.186 was a tank destroyer armed with an extremely potent 12.8cm PaK 44 L/55 antitank gun. A total of 88 vehicles were produced from late 1944 through to the cessation of hostilities. However, despite the effectiveness of its thick armor (250mm on the superstructure front) and powerful armament, the vehicle suffered from poor mobility and mechanical unreliability owing to its weight problem.


Rubicon model New product arrival information! 〇 1/56 Plakit ※ New product after a long absence, many extended parts sets to remodel base kit can be seen. Convenient set that you can easily convert your kit! # GSI Creos  # Radio Museum

NEW FROM [Modelcollect] China PHL-03 long-range rocket

Thank you for the attention, long-awaited out of the fire test mode release. At the same time far from the fire has been started.
Payment method: on a treasure of our official shop, make up 97 + postage part of the
statement: by the Chinese legal requirements, can not be very accurate, front and control cabin for the new mold, the other part of the reuse MAZ parts. Hope to understand. At the same time welcome to join the search model Court discussion group 264298851 with us to discuss!



1/700 Battleship Hidaka genuine etching

Etching of new products in October today

1/700 Grade Up Part Series No.131

Japan Navy Battleship HYUGAWA We introduce genuine etching parts in Showa 16th .

I will show you the image a little.

1/700 Special Series No. 97

It corresponds to Japan Navy Battleship Hinata

Reproduce the camouflage of a delicate ship that can not be expressed with plastic products,

It is useful for more advanced detail up.


Etching is 2 sheets, handrail, ladder, davit, rattar, watertight door etc.

Like other series, it is abundant content.

The truss around the chimney is also this street

Catapult, crane, sticker, lifting derrick etc.

Up of the feature mast. Shielding shield and sighting instrument etc at the interior equipment gun seat.


It is shipping soon. Please wait for a while.