Total length = 615 mm

【By the big scale presence of unwavering main force】  The main force tank of the American military formulated in 1980 is M1 Abrams. Due to the adoption of composite armor, the form which was lower in plan configuration different from conventional American tank is a big feature. And, it features a compact, lightweight, high power gas turbine engine and demonstrates excellent mobility. Improvement has been constantly continued since its appearance, and Abrams tank tanks which currently maintains the world’s strongest performance. Among them, M1A2 is a type that equipped M4A 120mm slide gun as a main gun, further developed M1A1HA with enhanced defense capability by using depleted uranium armor in front of the car body and turret. Improvement of electronic equipment such as independent heat ray vision device for car length, biaxial stable site / head, position / navigation device, integrated length inspection device for car length, integrated visiting device for pilot control. Especially, by introducing the Vehicle Information System (IVIS), the fighting ability has been greatly enhanced by advanced information exchange with ally vehicles and Headquarters. The M1A2 that appeared in 1992 was introduced for the first time in “Iraqi Freedom Operation” in 2003, and it supported the American army.

【About the Model】 This is an assembly kit that reproduces the main army tank M1A2 Abrams of the US Army, which was first introduced to actual warfare in 2003, on 1/16 scale. ★ Overall length 615 mm, full width 231 mm, total height 190 mm. ★ Add precise detail to the power unique to Big Scale and realistically reproduce the fearless appearance with a 120mm smooth gun in a turret composed of planes. ★ The lower part of the car body is made of aluminum alloy. ★ Drive sprocket, torsion bar, suspension arm, etc. Metal parts are heavily used around the foot. ★ Coupled crawler belts made of resin and metal adopt the same double pin connection method as actual cars. In addition, rubber pad was incorporated. ★ The gun barrel is made of real aluminum cutting. ★ Includes etching parts to tighten detail. ★ Two kinds of marking slide marks are prepared.

Realistically reproduce the form which was made up of a flat and held low.

Using a metal torsion bar, a smoothly working load wheel produces a sense of weight

Also realistic finish of M2 heavy machine gun attached to support rod of cupola and 7.62mm machine gun

The turret and the anti-slip pattern on the top of the car body are delicately reproduced, and the big size car body is tightened

Use clear parts for the vision block of the range finder and cupola

Cylindrical Independent Thermal Vehicle (CITV) for vehicle length can be turned even after completion. Transparent parts are used for the lens part. 

Environmental sensor and antenna, auxiliary power unit mounted on the left side of the bass rack rack, etc. The finish of the turret is also finished with a sense of precision.

Gun barrel is aluminum cutting full of texture. Etched parts are prepared for the lower surface of the turret rear bass rack and the grill portion of the armor plate on the engine room. 

Coupled crawler belts consist of plastic shoes with rubber pad insert molded, metal pins and die-cast connectors

In addition to the lower part of the car body, drive sprockets, torsion bars, suspension arms and other parts around the legs are heavily metal parts to ensure strength

NEW Chibigodzilla 4 Civimar King Ghidora ON SALE

Snap fit type requiring no adhesive. Painting is unnecessary as it is color-coded by molding color. The gold-colored color is reproduced with a dedicated molded color, to a realistic finish. There are numerous movable points such as neck, wings, mouth! Especially the mouth (lower jaw and tongue) can move horizontally with ball joint instead of hinge movement! The surface scales are reproduced with delicate sculptures. The eyeball is reproduced with a seal and pursuing reality. Two tails are designed to minimize the number of parts while not complicating the complex shape.

The fourth version of the Civilmar Godzilla series is a large model that will be the largest series in the series! Special effects monster movie – Godzilla’s golden shining sparkling god of King with three necks, King Ghydora is appearing in the Tibirmar series! The product adopts a snap-fit ​​type which requires no adhesive. Because it is color-coded by molding color, paint is unnecessary, it can be easily assembled. The gold-colored color is reproduced with a special molded color, making it a realistic finish. Neck, wings, mouth etc. Numerous movable points are incorporated, especially the mouth (lower jaw and tongue) can move horizontally with ball joint instead of hinge movement! This makes it possible to reproduce three heads with different facial expressions. It reproduces the surface texture like the surface scales with delicate sculpture. The eyeball was reproduced with a seal and pursued reality. The two tails are designed to minimize the number of parts and make it easier to assemble, but its complicated shape is not damaged.



The first traditional Czechoslovak manufacturer of plastic models, Kovozávody Prostějov, has prepared another long-awaited new product for the October modeling market. This is the two-seater variant of the well-known “mule” Avia CS-199 .
The model consists of one frame of completely new molds and using the components of the high quality kit Bf 109F from AZ is a very nice set for the construction of this new model. Here are a few pictures of you with an informative preview of the construction of test pieces. Testing of test strips revealed no major problem and can be called trouble-free, which confirms these photos. The cabin is used here only for the casting and the production of the metal mold is already in the process.
We assume that this model, which is a dignified successor of the old original KP model, will come to market around the end of October and will please our modeling population.
Petr Muzikant



new Accessories for the MiG-29A kit in 1/32 from Trumpeter

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