Model fans The long-awaited new product Lacquer paint with bottles appears!

【Tamiya color lacquer paint】

■ 1st 15 colors
152 yen (main unit price 160 yen) released around Saturday, December 2, 2017

■ 2nd 15 colors, 3rd and beyond will be released one after another

· Strong coating film that is most suitable for basic painting
· Shorter dry time, higher working efficiency
Safe for finishing with beautiful glossy enamel paint etc
· Best for air brush painting
· Capacity: 10 ml * Acrylic paint mini The size and capacity of the glass bottle are the same.

Information of Hydranger New Product in November -AKA FUNNY SHIP HAHA :)

Today is November new product

It is an introduction of the Earth Defense Force Marine Diving Submarine Hydranger .


Total length: 48 m to 1/200 scale Full length: Reproduced with 24 cm Surprised Mark.


Tsuburaya Pro

TDF HR – 1 TDF HR – 2 isomorphic ship 2 sets.


The package image was completed by Professor Dr. Koda ‘s writing down

TDF was the abbreviation of TERRESTRIAL DEFENSE FORCE.Grin

HR – 1, HR – 2 can be chosen for the decal.Nico Nico


Full hull model with decorative bed

You can choose an offshore model to the water line.Nico Nico

The finished product is painted and assembled.

Underwater missiles, torpedo are also attached.A lol

Please expect it. (* ^ o ^ *)

Just a few months and then Porsche 991 GT3 RS will go into assembly, expected Q1-2018. We’ve added 2 new colors: 78164 1/18 PORSCHE 991 GT3 RS (GLOSS BLACK /BLACK WHEELS) 78165 1/18 PORSCHE 991 GT3 RS (GUARDS RED/SILVER WHEELS) 78166 1/18 PORSCHE 911(991) GT3 RS (WHITE/DARK GREY WHEELS) 78167 1/18 PORSCHE 911(991) GT3 RS (MIAMI BLUE/DARK GREY WHEELS) 78168 1/18 PORSCHE 911(991) GT3 RS (LAVA ORANGE/DARK GREY WHEELS) 78169 1/18 PORSCHE 911(991) GT3 RS (ULTRAVIOLET/SILVER WHEELS)


NEW ASCA Sherman Exploration AS002 edition

Today’s shaman exploration is

AS002 1/35 M4A2 Sherman direct visor visor with initial type suspension

Known name: Value pack version 2nd volume AS002

Value hack · · ·?

Etching and decal are not included,
I’d like to make asuka’s shamans for the time being!
I would like to use it for detail up parts!
Since it makes it movable, only parts need be added! I sent it after the first
thought as long as it would become a product that you could get even a little

Of course etching is still necessary. Decal is necessary after all.

can purchase separately sold etching and general purpose US military decals .
Please do not hesitate to contact us at a nearby model store!

Then search AS002!

Package assembling explanation diagram Suspension body Body belt Crawler belt Small parts Welding body Direct vision. First choice AS001 1/35 American middle tank M4A1 Sherman Medium-term type Initial type I made a shaman that looks different from the one with a suspended appearance. I also recommend making it. It is not the same! I will also blog!