Battleship Yamato 1/250 Specially


Naval standard
A warship
full length
263.0 m
Maximum width
38.9 m
Mean draft
10.4 m
Cruising distance
12,100 nautical miles
15.91 knots (reference speed)
69,100 t (completion / public trial state)
72,809 t (Completed and full load condition)
Engine type
1 turbine per unit, 3 boilers
3 blade propeller (diameter 5 m) 4 axis
3,332 (including the 2nd Fleet Headquarters)
Last weaponry
Ninety four formulas 45 caliber 46 cm three triple gun 3
Three years 60 caliber 15 cm 5 triple gun 2
Eighty-nine formula 60 caliber 12 cm 7 dual unit high-angle cannon 12 units
Ninety-six formula 25 mm triple unit gun 47 units
One type of 96-inch 25 mm continuous machine gun
Four 96-cylinder 25 mm single machine guns
Two 9-inch 13-mm two-unit guns

When operated with a dedicated smartphone · application, each turret turns to the right and left, the main gun barrel rises, and a grueling gun of 46 cm main gun sounding. Also details are reproduced based on the latest consideration.

Modeling of deck board deck based on latest evidence. In addition to the famous "Yamatozaka", white lines at the side of the deck on the side of the ship's ship which was painted to confirm the damage position (rib number) from the bridge bridge as well as the famous "Yamatozaka" are expressed for the first time in the model of battleship Yamato.

Bridge bridge also realizes modeling based on latest consideration. If you remove the cover, you can also check the inside of the 1st bridge and reproduce details such as the shape of the air defense command place. Also, turn the 15 m range crown at the top of the bridge manually.

The left and right 150 cm search lights are represented by built-in LEDs. The lighting of the search light can be operated with a dedicated smartphone · application, and it can skillfully produce nighttime battle situations.

Remove the rear upper deck and open the side of the hull, you can see the inside of the rear hangar. The zero type observation machine and the boat mounted in the rear hangar are faithfully reproduced with the same number of mounts as in the Tian I No. operation.

The rear upper deck crane, catapult was also reproduced. A crane that lifts a ship-loaded aircraft or a boat from the sea can be manually fallen down. Catapult can also be swiveled left and right manually by placing the aircraft carrier.

Barbas · bow (spherical ship's neck) which is the characteristic of chrysanthemum emblem and main anchor, battleship Yamato of the bow is also precisely reproduced based on the original design drawings and materials. For details, please check with the parts of the first issue.

The first auxiliary cannon can turn and the elevation can be made in conjunction with the second main gun tower and the fourth auxiliary cannon in conjunction with the third main gun tower. It is a dedicated smartphone · application that reproduces the guns of 15 cm 5 triple accessory guns.

The top of the hull is represented by the war ship color of the Kure Navy Arsenal, under the draft water is represented by the red ship's bottom color. We will also introduce ourselves in a magazine about how to easily shape the joints of hulls with putty and so on.

When you remove the outer plate at the port hull body, you can see the internal engine room inside. The details (such as boilers) are trying their own expressions based on the latest materials.

Twelve high-angle guns on both sides reproduce both anti-shield and no shield. You can also enjoy the movement of turning the cannon by manual operation. Gun voices also sound with a dedicated smartphone · application.

In addition to machine gun placement by latest verification, mantlelet is reproduced precisely. Like the high angle cannon, the gun that can manually turn can also be reproduced. With a dedicated smartphone application, you can also enjoy the difference of each gun shot.

The forward rudder can be manually operated. You can enjoy both the surface steering (right turn) and the steering (left turn). The actual rudder that was not used in battleship Yamato is reproduced precisely.

The left and right four-axis thrusters rotate by operating the dedicated smartphone · application (starboard, two throwers at each port are reverse rotation). You can reproduce battleship Yamato sailing at full speed.

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