I do lucky bags! I will also do 1/12 scale!

Big news! ! !

1/12 Big Scale Skyline

I will be back.up

1989 famous car, R32 Skyline GT-R appeared on 1/12 big scale.


□ Assembly is done with screws. Therefore, glue is unnecessary.

□ The material uses strong ABS resin (excluding some).

□ Metal shaft and die cast parts are used for the steering part

The front wheels move in conjunction.

□ The door / bonnet can be opened and closed, and the die cast part is used for the hinge part.

□ Use a spring for the door part and feel a slight resistance when closing it

It is designed.

□ Metal stay to use when opening the hood is attached.

□ Mesh parts of the front bumper are metal mesh, emblem used for the body,

It is an aluminum metal seal.

□ Instruments · Seat part · License plate reproduced with seal.

□ Plating seal inside the headlight. Seals for window frames are also included.


etc. Because it is big scale, it is content of plenty.

Although shipment is in March, it is still a little earlier, but it is under orders for reservation,

By all means, please contact your local dealer!  !


And then.

The other day, I came to Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Exit head office.

Please see the work of those who applied for at the scale model exhibitionnote


There were a lot of things you used Fujimi’s kit! ! !

I am very happy.A lol

Some of them are introduced.

(Because it is over the glass, I can only get what I was able to do well ,,, I’m sorry)

It was just a wonderful work!

Thank you very much!  !


After all it makes me happy to realize that you are actually enjoying with productsLovey dovey