[Review] 1/48 Wolfpack MiG-29 Fulcrum A (9.12A) ‘Gulf War’

The MiG-29 Fulcrum A (9.12A) Gulf War type will be launched in Korea at 1/48 of Wolf Pack.
The base kit includes a cockpit set, etched parts, a masking room for the canopy and wheels, and decals printed from Cartographs, all from the Academy Zero Wolf Pack.

 Antennas or AOA sensors that were omitted from the existing kit or slightly thicker as plastic parts have been added to allow selection as an etched part.

The greatest benefit of this kit is the newly designed four decals, including two Iraqi airships, an Iranian air force and an Israeli air force. Decal design and composition has been a lot of effort, including two Iraqi air forces active during the Gulf War and Iraq War, one fleet to the Iranian Air Force that fled to Iran during the Gulf War in 1991, You can produce a variety of MiG-29s in the Middle East, including one used by the Israeli Air Force.

The special feature is that the Russian stencils are all meticulously reproduced and printed with precise cartographs. GWH and other 1/48 MiG-29 kits are also equipped with a spare missile stencil. It is very rare to see a product that reproduces the Iraqi air force at the time of the Gulf War, or an optional item, and I am happy to see this product.

One of the advantages of the Wolf Pack Kit, which is printed in color, is that you can see detailed production examples and meticulous marking specifications.


The helpless part of the academy kit was replaced by a Wolf Pack resin component.
If you consider that the cockpit set for the Academy MiG-29, which was previously sold separately by Wolfpack.



Lots of good advantages to this product and has quite a few reasons for it
The manufacturer here really invested a lot of planning and thought in this product and did not save costs
Very high quality can be seen for every part and part
Detail and accuracy at a good level A very large kit and definitely fun to build it
The product packaging is a bit boring and not invested
Some historical writing / military or civilian service of the aircraft
Give more interest to the product
Great value for money
Highly recommended