Aoshima DD51 Hokutosei FULL MODEL + TEST KIT



In the meantime, what we decide at the present time is
· Removable
· Door opening
/ closing · Grill can be removed
· Cooling device on cab is optional included

· Release date is after the summer of 2018 (planned)

About the case where there was frequent inquiries is like this.
I am still designing, so I will decide the detailed product specifications from now on.
As we will continue to issue information, please expect it!

And the story changed, this is an introduction of “1/45 Train Museum OJ No. 03 Diesel locomotive DD51 updated color super detail

In addition to the DD51 kit so far, aluminum wheels and shafts are included .
You can reproduce the texture and weight feeling that can never be produced with plastic molded parts.

There are 12 wheels, the shaft is 4 for the bogie at both ends, and 2 for the intermediate trolley.
It is difficult to put the wheels parallel inevitably when assembled with parts of plastic and it was necessary to assemble them to be parallel with the jig of the attached cardboard, but
if you use this part you can assemble with the catchy .

A slightly important part is hard to see, but it is an example of use incorporated in a dolly.


Original packaging of the product