Saitama Prefecture Kawaguchi City We visited Suzuki model upper Aoki store!

The year has changed completely … Happy New Year

Humbly thanks to our company and our company this year, thank you.


The coldness is also extreme, but it seems that the air conditioner in my room does not exchange heat anyway.

We are releasing outside air to the room with a little bit of heat from the machine

I think that the heating appliances are going to buy cheaper prices at the end of winter,

It seems that the blanket alone seems to be more severe …


This time we visited "Suzuki model upper Aoki store" located in Kawaguchi city, Saitama Prefecture!

Gacha Machine and entrance are on the stairs!


It is at home!


Two days after Crystal of snowCrystal of snowheavy snowCrystal of snowCrystal of snow fell in the Kanto region, I visited you, so it was very cold outside

He was burning the stove in the shop and it was really warm … solarsolarsolarThank yousolarsolarsolar


There are lots of good old items, I personally get excited

Especially the garage kit of each company which was handled a lot is not very valuable thing

Some customers are going to visit from far away such as AichiThe earth


If it is Aoshima products …

Our brave king and mecha-like mechanics, various robots of SKYNET goods …

Reveirs and moon landing ships …

To alien and end skeleton figures …

Technical four-wheel drive motor!

It is a pretty cool product lineupYumemiru jewel


It seems that past celebrities visited for interview and was taken up in various fields

I was able to hear a lot of valuable stories from the store from the manager

It was a wonderful store manager who has the foresight mind … I was left with surprises throughout the day


If you are coming to Kawaguchi, please come and visit us!  !



Suzuki model upper Aoki store


Saitama Prefecture Kawaguchi-shi, Kamogisaki Nishi 1 – chome 5-7

TEL: 048-255-5790


MENG】【Official】 MENG's MOST LIKED 2018 event open!

Remember the 2015 and 2016 MENG's MOST LIKED online mockup? 2018 race is about to begin! This time we made some minor changes to the competition system, adding more competition platforms, adding two new awards and preventing unfair competition . Now, no matter where you are, as long as you make MENG or MENG KIDS brand model, can participate in this competition. Your work will be judged first by the referee and then voted by global model players to have the chance to qualify for the finals. Say no good, fight it!

Competition time:
Preliminaries: February 1 – November 2018 – November 30 (November 21 works to raise the termination)
Final: December 1, 2018 December 20
Competition platform: WeChat, Sina Weibo , Facebook , VK
Referee: David Parker (Referee), Brett Greene, Wu Ba Bank

Competition process:
1, November 21 to raise preliminaries entries (see picture appendix), the penultimate Wednesday of each month is As of the deadline, all entries of the competition will be displayed in a unified manner and the pictures will be sent to the referee group, which will be collectively selected by the referee group. Entries submitted after the deadline will be included in entries for the following month. On the second last Friday of the month, the three works selected by the jury were announced and voted on the interactive platform. The top three works of the month were selected by the public. The last working day of each month 17:00 Beijing time statistics, and announced the first working day after the rankings.

2, the finalists qualifications from the monthly preliminaries champion works and the best five preliminary runner-up works obtained. December 3, 2018 – December 14 for the finals. The final assessment using a 100-point system, which accounted for an average of 60 judges jury, public vote accounted for 4 into. Each referee scored the shortlisted entries, scoring criteria with the previous competition (standard with the previous tournament), and then calculated according to the judges score the average work. At the same time in the interactive platform unified release of all shortlisted works, and in the form of voting began to record public voting, December 17 for the voting statistics termination date, the final vote ranked first works 40 points, the second to the fifteenth score in turn For 35 points -30 points -28 points -26 points -24 points -22 points -20 points -19 points -18 points -17 points -16 points -15 points -14 points -13 points. If more than one piece of finalists finalists in the finalists, the final ranking statistics only included in the highest total score.

3, the first three works with the highest average score of the public vote and the judges won the championship, runner-up and runner-up. At the same time, the works with the highest public voted in the annual works got the best popularity award, and the judges with the highest average scores in the finals won the special awards. December 20 announced the final ranking.

Prizes and prizes:
Winners of the preliminaries can get MENG's
preliminaries without any problems. MENG has listed 3
preliminaries runners-up. MENG has listed 2
preliminaries runner-up. MENG has listed 1 product
finals. Winner receives a capital prize and a medal
Final Winner receives a $ 2,000 prize and a winner medal
Finalist receives a $ 1,000 prize and a runner-up Medal
Runner up to $ 500 and a runner-up medal
Best Victory Award $ 300 award and medal
Judges Special Award Receives $ 300 Award and Medal

Entry Requirements:
Entries must be made by the participants themselves MENG brand or MENG KIDS brand model single piece works, or MENG brand or MENG KIDS brand model as the main body of the model scene works. Each player can only use one piece of work per month.
Submission: Please email to: contest@meng-model.com
Email Requirements:
Email Subject: Name + Interactive Platform Account ( facebook , VK, weibo or wechat) + Title of
Email: 300 The following description of the works E-
mail attachments: 4 production process photos and 6 painted finish photo, each photo size is between 1M-3M, the photo name is the name + work name + serial number The
contestant agrees if it becomes a month race Winners, MENG and MENG AFV Modeller magazine are free to use their winning entry photos.

Public Appraisal Method:
Officials of MENG will post the preliminary and final voting votes on all platforms. The number of votes is the sum of the votes obtained from the voting on each platform. When counting votes, only the number of votes obtained from the voting works will be recorded. Other votes, such as giving a picture of a work piece or posting a sticker to the work, are invalid and not counted in the statistics.

In simple terms, it is the preliminaries to let the referee group selected, the winner of the election by the netizen vote, the first direct finalists, while the top five finalists also finalists in December final will have 15 works Participate in the competition, which judges 60% of judges, netizens vote 40%. Preliminaries have a month, send the work to the event mailbox in accordance with the requirements


This SE.5a Wolseley Viper model in 1/48 scale from our Weekend Edition represents the A color scheme – C1149, Capt. D. W. Grinnell-Milne, No.56 Squadron, Bethencourt, France, January 1919.
The model built by Martin Jirkal.

February new release in our Weekend edition, the Fokker E.II kit in 1/48 scale (cat. no. 8451) will offer decals for 2 colour schemes:

– Fokker E.II, 68/15, Lt. Brückmann, Armeeabteilung Gaede, Western Front, late 1915/early 1916,

– Fokker E.II, 69/15, Lt. K. von Grailsheim, Feldfliegerabteilung 53, Western Front, October 1915.

One of a number of new products we will release in February is this BIG SIN collection (SIN64836) of 5 Brassin sets for the P-51D kit in 1/48 scale by Airfix:

– cockpit,
– control surfaces,
– wheels,
– exhaust stack /fairings
– Hamilton Standard propeller.

As part of the summer solstice celebrations on June 23, 1950, an air show was held at Utti Airport. Twelve Finnish Mersu from 31st and 33rd Fighter Squadron (Hävittäjälentolaivue) participated in the air show. The whole program culminated at 7 p.m. when a four-machine race was begun. It was in the style known from the US Reno show, when the machines circled the set course in a counter-clockwise direction. The aircraft selected for the race were the MT-402 (marked by the letter D), MT-438 (C), MT-479 (A) and MT-508 (B). All four machines received bold colour schemes that were applied with washable colours. These were in a combination of white, blue, red, and probably a yellow colour. Historians agree that these were painted only on the left side of the aircraft. This was the side that was visible to the ground observer from the centre of the circuit.