1/72 72006 – Coming Soon

Decal sheet covers AC-119G Shadows and AC-119K Stingers gunships from the Vietnam War. Decals include VNAF and USAF 71st Special Operations Squadron (SOS), 17th SOS, and 18th SOS. Enough data/stencils are provided for at least two aircraft, with several variations provided. Data/stencils also include decals for both the original 4-bladed AeroProducts propellers and the later 3-bladed Hamilton Standard propeller. Decals even provided for the Kidde air/nitrogen bottles for the flare launcher and the placards on the searchlight.

star-decals release of seventeen new transfer sets in 1/35 scale

35-C1123___Tanks & AFVs in Bosnia # 1. ARBiH (Muslim) T-55 tanks.

35-C1124___Tanks & AFVs in Bosnia # 2. ARBiH M-84, T-34, Hellcat, M-60PB, M47, M53/59 Praga.

35-C1125___Tanks & AFVs in Bosnia # 3. HVO (Croatian) T-55 tanks.

35-C1126___Tanks & AFVs in Bosnia # 4. HVO (Croatian) M-84, T-34, Praga, M-60. 2S1, BRDM-2, VW T3.

35-C1127___US in North Africa ’42-43. M4A1 Sherman, M7 Priest, M2 Halftrack 37mm AT gun.

35-C1128___Panther Ausf G. Eastern front late 1944 and 45.

35-C1129___Panzer-Lehr Division # 2. Pz-Lehr Panthers in France 1944.

35-C1130___Panzer-Lehr Division # 3. Pz-Lehr Sdkfz 251 halftracks in France 1944.

35-C1131___T-55 in Prague 1968. Op. Danube – invasion of Czechoslovakia. T-54A, T-55 and T-55A.

35-C1132___s.Pz.Abt. 507. Tiger I on the Eastern front.

35-C1133___Israeli AFVs # 6. Merkava Mk 4. Lahav and Rhino company.

35-C1134___SS-Wiking # 1. Panther Ausf D and A.

35-C1135___SS-Wiking # 2. Stab vehicles. Bef-Panther, Panther, Bef-PzKpfw IV, SdKfz 251.

35-C1136___SS-Wiking # 3. PzKpfw IV, SdKfz 11, SdKfz 251.

35-C1137___Korean War M4A3E8 Sherman # 2. 64th Tank Bn (tigerface), 15th Inf. Reg.

35-C1138___British Sherman III in Italy 1943-44. 46 RTR, Royal Scots Greys, 3rd or 4th CLY.

35-C1139___British 8th Armoured Brigade. Sherman Mk II and III in North Africa and the Middle East.


4 NEW KITS FROM dragon models ON 1/35 + Night Fury Panther Tank – Panther Tank G-Series Reissue Notice

February 1944 Based on the Panther D and A models, Germany designed the G-model, the last of the V-Class tank series, and improved some of the deficiencies based on operational experience: the apron and side armor changes For the monolithic design, the upper body armor is thickened to 5 cm, the armor tilt angle is changed from 40 ° to a bulletproof 30 ° better, and the driver’s observation port is eliminated. A rotatable periscope is mounted. As of April 1945, the Panther tank G produced a total of 2,953 units.

In order to meet the needs of night operations the Germans began testing mid-1943 infrared night vision devices installed in the Panther G-type, which has a program called “Biwa” – the commander in the commander’s tower, gunner sightings and driving The observers installed a set of 30cm infrared searchlight and the corresponding photoelectric image converter, so that the driver, gunner and captain have night vision capabilities, thus enhancing the coordination of the overall nighttime operations and improve the firing accuracy and speed of artillery .

6267 – 1/35 German Panther G Type Early (Italy 1944) + Magic Track

6268 – 1/35 German Panther G Type + Magic Track

6370 – 1/35 German Leopard Tank G (Iron Wheel) + Magic Track


6384 – 1/35 German Leopard Tank G Plus Anti-Magnet + Magic Track

This reprint of the four 1/35 ratio Panther tank G suite not only all equipped with MagicTrack magic crawler, but also an increase of three additional new open mold production “Biwa” infrared night vision device parts (including the installation required Metal etched film tray), so that the appearance of these leopard tanks assembled after the show more attractive

Listing Date: Late February 2018


German BR80 Loco update

for these asking for its status, the loco is at ready for molding stage with amazing accuracy and details, obviously we need to finish our Scammell Pioneer tractors range first and a couple of other models announced before, which were all postponed due to Scammell releases. But no worries, it will be released soon enough

Last week we announced Lamborghini Huracán Performante in 4 colors, white, matt black, matt orange and green

but then people asked for yellow. So we’re happy to announce that we’ve decided to add yellow 🙂 ( note that we can’t satisfy everyone’s wishes, so no need to post all other colors of rainbow and ask if we can add those as well 😉 )

Colors to come: