Wonder Festival Information! !

Thank you very much!

Finally Sunday 18th will be a one festival!

We are also thoroughly preparing to prepare.

We will have as many new figures as possible, so please come and join us! !

Here is the arrangement of the Aoshima booth!

A rough map as ever! !

By the way, today we will be selling products for the event today,

It is an introduction once again!

First of all, Nero’s treasure specification limited edition!

Nero in pretty bathing suit is three-dimensionalized with a figure with treasure [original fire]!

Event Venue Limited Price: 10,000 yen (tax included)

· Scale: 1/8 scale
· size: about 20 cm in overall height
· material: ATBC-PVC · ABS
· prototype responsible: easy (Wonderful Works) Unitech
· coloring responsibility: Aki Hisaku (Taishodo)

Next is erotic manga teacher Sai fog appears in sexy appearance of white squirrel!
White swimwear and skin transparent! I do not collect! !

Event Venue Limited Price: 11,000 yen (tax included)

· Scale: 1/7 scale
· size: about 22 cm in overall height
· material: ATBC-PVC (part ABS)
· prototype in charge: Kenjin Nagano (Nagano workshop)
· coloring charge: Akechi Hakuraku (Taishodo)

Then Yamada elves are also appeared as garage kit from erotic manga teacher!
This is Aoshima special high quality resin kit.
Deliver important parts to blister!
It is a high quality resin kit OK with minimum polish by burrless specification.

Event Venue Limited Price: 13,000 yen (tax included)


And here!

For a girl-sized pillow,

From the bare face of the cute face which peeps a little at the face,

And a nameplate decorated on a session basis, a convenient can case that also serves as an exhibition base and parts case.

Play with us and decorate and go out together! Depending on your age 4 sets of applications ☆

This time we have prepared two kinds of Stillet Set and Architect Set.

Here’s a set of saucers! Stillet

And from here! An example of architect use is like this! We will sell limited to each.

Frame Arms · Girl Event Limited Goods Stillet Set

Frame Arms · Girl Event Limited Goods Architect Set


[Set contents]
· 1/1 size holding pillow (about 145 mm × 40 mm)
· Hakokari! ~ HAKOKARA ~ Frame Arms · Girl (expression difference)
· Can case with logo
· Name plate


Event Venue Limited Price: 3,000 yen (tax included)



that’s all! These are limited items.

Everything is limited! Please buy it as soon as possible!

In addition, although it is a very small amount for those who can not come to the venue at a later date,

We will also mail order.

For details, please visit our mail-order site and the wonder festival special page.

Please come and join us!


[Event: VOLKS USA will be exhibiting at Valley Con once again this year!]+ SMS F-4D 1/48 NEW Pictures

A very limited amount of our sold out 1/48 F-4J will be available while supplies last! Drop by to pick up some SWS kits and check out a sneak preview of some new stuff we’ll be showing at IMPS Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona this year! Date: March 4th, 2018 @10AM-4PM Location: Petersen Automotive Museum 6060 Wilshire Blvd. Lo Angels, CA 90036

BUY NOW SMS F-4D NO.7 1/48 SMS48

Pictures are from Valley Con 2017



MiG-21MF 1/72 – NEW TOOL

The first testshots of our brand new MiG-21MF kit in 1/72 scale! The release is planned for May 2018.

This Bf 109G-14 in 1/48 scale from ProfiPACK edition kit represents colour scheme ‘D’ – aircraft flown by Oblt. R. Schlegel, CO of 10./ JG 4, Jüterbog – Damm, Germany, March 1945.

Fw 190A-5 light fighter 1/48 – NEW TOOL

The brand new Fw 190A-5 in 1/48 scale has no relation with the earlier edition of this kit. However, we believe it will be at least as successful as the previous release. The wing and fuselage are from newly finished tools. Sprues containing common and clear parts were already used in the ProfiPACK Fw 190A-4 kit, and in the Royal Class Fw 190A-2, A-3, A-4 kit, at the end of last year. The first ProfiPACK Fw 190A-5 kit (March 2018) willoffer a sub-version with a two-cannon wing

The model of Fokker E.II 69/15 in 1/48 scale (Weekend edition) represents the ‘A‘ colour scheme – aircraft flown by Lt. K. von Crailsheim, Feldfliegerabteilung 53, Western Front, October 1915. Built by Pavel Zimandl.
February new release in the Weekend edition

Fokker E.II, 68/15 in 1/48 scale built by Martin Jirkal. The model represents the ‘B’ colour scheme – aircraft flown by Lt. Brückmann, Armeeabteilung Gaede, Western Front, late 1915/ early 1916.
February new release in the Weekend edition

ProfiPACK edition kit of British high-altitude fighter aircraft Spitfire HF Mk.VIII in 1/48 scale. February new release in the ProfiPACK edition.

– plastic parts by Eduard,
– decals by Eduard for 5 colour schemes,
– coloured PE parts,
– painting mask.

February Limited Edition kit MERSU (Bf 109 G-2 and G-6 in Finland) Dual Combo in 1/48 scale contains sprues for 2 complete models and decals for 10 aircraft. Both versions of aircraft can be built from the kit.
To build the other attractive colour schemes and increase your kit options, we also offer Overtrees and Overlept sets for both versions.
Sets cat. no. 82116X and 82116-LEPT are designed for the G-2 version.

This BIG ED collection of 4 individual sets for RN Roma in 1/350 scale by Trumpeter was released in February under cat. no. BIG5346.

– main deck and guns,
– AA gun,
– general set,
– figures Regia Marina WWII.

Model of the Bf 109G-6 aircraft, represents the ‘J‘ colour scheme – marking of a racing machine MT-508, luutnantti (lieutenant) Arvo Arima, Hlelv 31, Air Race, Utti, Finland, June 1950.
The model was bulit Jan Novotný from the MERSU kit (Bf 109 G-2 and G-6 in Finland) Dual combo in 1/48 scale.
February new release in the Limited Edition, cat. no. 11114

Two versions of Brassin cockpit sets for the Fw 190A-8 kit in 1/32 scale from Revell. A standard cockpit and a cockpit for night fighter Fw 190A-8/R11, which has a locator screen on its dashboard. February new releases.

Both versions include coloured PE parts including the dashboard with glazed instruments.

February Limited Edition kit MERSU (Bf 109 G-2 and G-6 in Finland) Dual Combo in 1/48 scale contains sprues for 2 complete models and decals for 10 aircraft. Both versions of aircraft can be built from the kit.
To build the other attractive colour schemes and increase your kit options, we also offer Overtrees and Overlept sets for both versions.
Sets cat. no. 82111X and 82111-LEPT are designed for the G-6 version

Together with the British WWII high-altitude fighter aircraft Spitfire HF Mk.VIII kit in 1/48 scale we released also the Overtrees and Overlept sets to increase your kit options

Model of the Bf 109G-2 aircraft, represents the ‘D‘ colour scheme – Bf 109G-2, MT-230, flown by kapteeni (Captain) Jaakko Puolakkainen, 2/HLeLv 28, Värtsilä, Finland, August 1944.
The model was bulit by Petr Zatřepálek from the MERSU kit (Bf 109 G-2 and G-6 in Finland) Dual combo in 1/48 scale.
February new release in the Limited Edition, cat. no. 11114

This model bulit by Paolo Portuesi is from our Royal Class Fw 190A EARLY VERSIONS (A-2/3/4) kit in 1/48 scale. It represents the Fw 190A-2 aircraft, W. Nr. 120206, flown by Fw. W. Grünlinger, Stab III./JG 26, Wevelgem, Belgium, September 1942 (colour scheme ‘B‘).


Full evaluation review FOR AFV CLUB AF35304 1/35 M-109A3/M-185A3 SHOPVAN 6X6 2.5 TON -AND TEST FOR accuracy and quality AND FOR detail OF THE KIT

M109 Truck, shop van, REO OA331 gas, 2½-ton, 6 × 6/

This restored 1970 Kaiser-Jeep M109A3 2.5-Ton 6×6 Shop Van is in really good shape. It looks good, runs well, it’s ready for work, play or display, and you could drive it home if you want. I had originally planned to convert it to a combination camper and radio truck, and I’ve done a lot of work in the van box towards this goal. I’m selling it now because I’ve realized that I don’t really enjoy driving these things, so I’ll probably never use it the way I intended to. I know I won’t recover the money I have into it, because I paid top dollar for a fine truck and then spent a lot more getting it shipped across the US… before I even started spending money on van box upgrades! Oh, well… my loss is your gain.



AFV CLUB AF35304 1/35 M-109A3/M-185A3 SHOPVAN 6X6 2.5 TON


FULL BOX KIT Looking from the side


book instructions page 1 + poter of the kit

book instructions page 1

book instructions pages 2-3

book instructions pages 4-5

book instructions pages 6-7

book instructions pages 8-9

book instructions pages 10-11

book instructions pages 12-13

book instructions pages 14-15

Markingy/camouflage /Full customized coloring instructions pages 16-17

Markingy/camouflage /Full customized coloring instructions pages 18-19

Markingy/camouflage/Full customized coloring instructions page 20

FULL Content OF THE KIT ON page 15

Disc /wheel plate

wheel plate With a direct and detailed look

wheel plate

Wheels in black Large and detailed

Wheels in black

PE parts

decals / Wire and chain

Bronze wire+DASHBOARRD decals

Although it has been a long time since this summer vacation
And in fact this truck shop is not an idea for anyone who thought about it
Understood the need for it in the army or in civilian life is still amazed to discover that this truck is very important and not only for the army or soldiers because it provides service and is a meeting place and quality time with friends and welfare
And a meeting place to meet new people and also a woman for life or a good friend
Short-term recreation and a very recommended place to have a good conversation
And eat something tasty or drink a fine drink

This truck has a very large historical background and not only wars or military operations or active military service and provides a solution to all the needs of the army between its missions
And also serves as an active and fast-moving transportation vehicle and has received the respect it deserves from the years it was in the army
These trucks are in excellent mechanical condition and have almost no faults
Owning a very strong child that has remained for many years
And are considered very fast today
In this truck, a rolling bracket is installed as a means of protecting and protecting the cab
The first truck was built in 1941

Trucks were built in total

The kit itself is very rich and large
And here the manufacturer has invested a lot of resources in time and money in the excellent design of a very fine kit
The package is large and stiff
With an impressive graphic image

Assembly instructions are printed on relatively large pages
And very detailed
The inscription is clear and understandable

The quality of the plastics here is of a high standard
The parts of the kit are painted dark olive green and strong
The plastic gives an excellent base for good and quality painting
It is recommended to buy high-quality, high-quality paints for a realistic and natural finish

The kit gives a particularly high value for money
And enjoyable quality time and length
There are also special parts in a transparent shade like windows and flashlights
The assembly process is easy to perform and requires no prior knowledge
It is recommended to buy good tools and strong glue

Details of the kit parts are very good
And on a very realistic finish

The accuracy of the parts is realistic and also at a high level
And the parts are presented in a very realistic way that creates a quality kit

Highly recommended


Kit contains model of IDF medium tank TIRAN 4 Sh EARLY TYPE.


Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 4820183311412

Series: Military Miniatures

Box size: 385x240x100 mm


3D renders


Side views




Shipped today! Notice of 3 new products ♪

I will introduce the NEWnew products shipped todayNEWSurprised Mark


1/3000 collecting warship 9 Midway strategy Nankan Tactical Force set with shipboard machine

(Akagi / Kaga / Soron / Flying dragon / Haruna / Kirishima / 12 destroyers)

1/3000 scale in MI strategy activate !
US aircraft carrier wo destruction Shea Midway Shimao occupation, Tohonomori Riwo strong Niseyo !
Aircraft carrier “Flying dragon” “Soryu” is commercialized with new mold !
At the same time, a colorized completed aircraft equipped with this setis attached

Fujimi’s madness …Lol

It is small enough to fly by sneezingWaterfall sweat


As for Military aircraft previously, A snakeMr. Mr. explained in an easy-to-understand way

Please see here ↓ ↓


1/3000 scale ship-loaded machine has been painted! ! ! What? What? What?

Products are mainly “Akagi” “Kaga” “Soruu” “Hiryuu”, centered on the aircraft carrier of the First Air Fleet,

It consists of escort battleship “Haruna” “Kirishima”, 12 destroyers.
This time, aircraft carriers are included with new molds ,

It is designed to enhance the reality on the flight deck.
There are three types of shipboard machines: “Zero Battle”, “Ninety-nine Ship Bomb”, “Ninety-seven Formula Ship”

Hinomaru of the wing surface and canopy are painted and can be carried on time and effortlessly.




What is a warship series that gathers 1/3000 …?
The naval battle and strategy that occurred mainly by the Japanese Navy during the Pacific War

Along with multiple ships, it is a series that can be easily reproduced .
Painting mainly try to do with a brush painting , the minimum number of components is designed to facilitate the assembly, which was summarized in.
It collects warships together with the military port series to collect and reproduces scenes according to historical facts .
The ship is a snap-fit ​​design with no glue ,

Exhibit it on the attached sea surface panel and enjoy it.




And we will also ship 2 Etching Parts today!

The weight feeling, delicate expression of the metal model which can not be expressed with plastic model only is possible.

It is useful for a more advanced detail up.

1/350 GUP 51 Torpedo / Explosion Etching Parts Set

It is a set limited to torpedo and explosion content recorded.
Two metal torpedoes and 18 metal explosives are attached.
Torpedoes can be expressed by etching, such as fin screws.

Bombstone is a structure that sticks etching on the left and right sides of a short cut brass rod.


You can reproduce torpedo carriage / bombstone loading stand by etching.




1/700 GUP132 Genuine Etching Part for remodeling at the completion of the Japanese Navy Light Cruiser Oozu

We can reproduce the completion time of 1943.


The rear upper deck was remodeled and replaced for B etching,

You can also reproduce the appearance of a large-sized injection machine at completion.


Replacing the rear flight deck into etched parts altogether,

The turntable and the rail of the airplane can also be reproduced by etching.



Three new items shipped today, please take it in handNico Nico




And today we have announcements …


From our customers, our website

There was an inquiry that some products of the series could not be seen.


There is a problem on the product details page, we are currently undergoing maintenance.


Please do not worry because the series itself is not gone.


We appreciate your inconvenience,

So thank you for your understanding.

NEW FROM Flyhawk Model



 wooden deck PART FOR SMS KONIG 1/700

Flyhawk MODEL FH1117 1/700 HMS PRINCE OF WALES 1942.12

Flyhawk MODEL FH1117S 1/700 HMS PRINCE OF WALES 1942.12 DELUXE

Flyhawk MODEL KM70003 1/700 HARUNA