Accessories for the B-2A Spirit?

We will release 4 huge photo-etched sets, including one set of details for the aircraft interior in our ZOOM series and a painting mask for the kit by ModelCollect in 1/72 scale:

– bomb bay, cat. no. 72663, 
– undercarriage, cat. no. 72664,
– general set, cat. no. 73624,
– interior (ZOOM), cat. no. SS624,
– painting mask, cat. no. CX504.

We plan to release one more set – bomb bay doors (cat. no. 72665) in April.

SOON FROM FLY814 -NEW ART BOX -DEMO FOR Su-7 Hot Summer Night”… For the upcoming model

Accidentally shot down by an R-3S AAM fired from a Polish AF MiG-21 during a training exercise over Poland.
…information about the case of fratricide fire between a Polish MiG-21 and Czech Su-7BKL. This incident happened during the “Zenit 70” Exercise, and developed as follows. The Czech Su-7s played the “attackeers“, and were to be intercepted by Polish MiG-21s. The GCI ordered a pair of MiG-21s to be scrambled from Wroclaw AB. When the aircraft of Cpt. Henryk Osierda developed technical problems, he quickly jumped into another MiG, which was otherwise witing on QRA, and was fully armed. Osierda successfully intercepted the Czechs, and in order to bring back a proof he decided to activate his gun camera. The catch was that the gun camera works when the trigger is pressed: Osierda did just that – forgeting about the fact that his aircraft was carrying live weapons. He fired a single R-3S (AA-2 Atoll) missile and hit the Su-7BKL, flown by pilot Frantisek Kruzik. The tail of the Su-7 was cut off and the pilot ejected safely

Shipped today! ! Information on 2 new products!

It is information on the new product shipped today!  !


“1/24 Kumamon 9 Mini Kumamonba”

The mini Kumamon version comes up with power up!

Kumamon celebrated its 100th anniversary MINI Oxford Factory

In commemoration of the visit you can reproduce the model produced on 1/24 scale

No multicolor painting needed · Real seals included!

With nipper, tweezers, adhesive, magic pen

You can start assembling immediately.

It can be placed around the finished mini cumin monster

Added cuboid seal of KumamonGlitter


The shiny body shines as it is

MINI Kumonmonba Please make it by all meansPlease



” 1/700 GUP 133 Nippon Navy Heavy Cruiser Myoko Genuine Etching Parts”

1/700 How about trying to upgrade Myoko by etchingPlease

Please check it together by all means! !