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【MAC Distribution】 1/72 Germany G3-72136 / G3a truck -72137

In the early 1930s, the German army recognized the benefits of the widespread use of trucks in the blitzkrieg style. In the mid-1930s Mercedes-Benz developed the LG 3000 (4×6) truck. It was based on the 3-axis G 3 model of 1929. Unlike most competitors with gasoline engines, it was already equipped with a six-cylinder Diesel engine.Mercedes LG 3000 was mainly supplied to the engineers and the Luftwaffe. His car career began in the Spanish Civil War. Between 1934 and 1937 he produced over 7400 pieces. Most of the production went for export.
In the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe were used in addition to basic versions such as radio, 3500 liters fuel tank, mobile meteorological station, mobile photolaborator, light vehicle, service car and more. He served on all battlefields from the Eastern Front to Africa. Vehicle production ended in 1937 and further Mercedes was supplied with more modern and more powerful vehicles meeting the requirements of the German Armed Forces. Because Mercedes had served throughout the war, all variants of camouflage coloring were used. Initially, they had pre-war coloration in dark gray RAL 7021 with brown spots RAL 7017. In Europe during the war was used gray color Panzer Grau (RAL 6006), while in Africa it was sandy color, or there was used a sand mix and glue. Later the gray color was replaced by dark yellow (RAL 7058) with green or brown spots. In winter, the vehicles were overcoated with a white, slick color.
Technical and tactical data
Length -7100 mm 
Width – 2300 mm 
Height – 2800 mm 
Empty weight – approx. 5000 kg 
Max. weight – about 8000 kg 
wheelbase – 3900 mm 
wheelbase of the rear wheels – 1050 mm 
diameter – 225 mm 
Motor – šestiválec Mercedes Diesel 7 413ccm, 95 HP 
Gear – Four forward, one reverse 
Wheel arrangement – 6 x 4 
Brakes – Hydraulic on all wheels 
Tank -122 l 
Road Consumption – 30.0 l / 100 km 
Field Consumption – 45.0 l / 100 km 
Max. speed – 56 km / h



New for March 2018