NEW FROM Fine Mold FP32 “1/72 F-14 A Tomcat” USS Independence 1995 “” + Nano · Aviation series machine guns on 1/72 and on 1/48



About F-14A Tomcat’s actual machine

F – 14 Tomcat ™ is a double seat type supersonic twin jet jet fighter equipped with the US Navy, with its unique body shape and variable type main wing giving lift is a major feature. It was deployed in the aircraft carrier from 1974 and engaged in various uses such as tactical reconnaissance with sky, fleet air defense, interception and wearing reconnaissance pod as main ship fighter plane. In September 2006 all the aircraft were retired from the US Navy.

Kit contents

Launched in December 2017, Robbiz version is added immediately to the 1/72 scale F – 14 A Tomcat which received great popularity! Overhauling the aircraft line, three-dimensional elegance and complicated lines! And external inspection door is a selective opening and closing! It reproduced precisely inside it. Please experience the F-14 reproduced with current technology. And the marking which is the biggest feature of this time is the 154 fighting squadron (VF – 154) 1995 specification “Black Knights” which was mounted in the US Navy aircraft carrier “Independence” and the character of the fighting spirit on Chin · Pod You can choose from VF – 21 “Free Lancers” written.
Accessory marking US Navy No. 154 Fighting Squadron (VF – 154) “Black Nights”
US Navy 21st Fighting Squadron (VF – 21) “Freelancer ‘


Characteristics of kit
★ F-14A Tomcat TM’s low bidge version.
★ Black Nights and Free Lancers are included for marking.
★ The line of the aircraft was designed based on actual machine confirmation.
★ Around the aircraft The external inspection door of each part is an opening and closing selection formula. The interior is also reproduced.
★ The main wing is designed to be easy to paint and easy to paint. Mobile type.
★ The nose chin · pod adapted to the actual machine, the Vulcan rear panel,
the bulge added to the lower part of the wing attachment , the tail wing and others This type feature is reproduced.
★ total length of about 268 mm when completed, about 170 mm in total width, about 70 mm in total height
★ 248 parts + decal

Option fitting detail up parts

Product number FP31
1/72 Scale Plastic model

Current US military aircraft missile set

A set of air-to-air missiles of working American soldiers including F-14A Tomcat.
AIM-54A / C Phoenix × 8, AIM-7F / M / P Sparrow × 4, AIM-9L / M Sidewinder × 4, AN / AAQ-25 Land Turn Pod × 2 sharply reproduced.

Nano · Aviation series

NC13 1/48 scale M2 12.7 mm Machine gun

A representative aircraft machine gun of the American military, which was used for both American Army and Navy Air Corps during World War II. There is a right gun and a left gun with a slight difference, and even the kit also reproduced 1/72 · 1/48.
Contents 4 right guns and 4 left guns in total 8
Applicable machine Military aircraft made in the United States during World War II in general.

NA13 1/72 scale M2 12.7 mm Machine gun

Among the so-called caliber 50 which was designed over 80 years ago and also produced in modern times, it reproduces the type mainly mounted on American military aircraft during World War II. Mold precisely the heat release hole of the barrel

Contents 8 right guns and 8 left guns totaling 16 volumes
Applicable machine Military aircraft made in the United States during World War II in general.

NA14 1/72 scale MG131 13mm machine gun (Navy two type swing machine gun)

A German aircraft gun produced from 1940. We reproduced fixed guns frequently used for single fighter aircraft such as Bf 109 and Fw 190 and swing gun adopted in the country’s double seat machine and the Japanese Navy.
Contents 8 fixed guns, 8 turning guns total 16
Applicable machine German Air Force during World War II.
And the Japanese Navy double seat system and multi seat business etc in the latter half of World War II.

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