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GOOD Reference FOR South Korea’s new battleship is very fierce, bright heart more! To take away China 054A orders – HOPE THE WILL BE 1/350 OR 1/700-1/3000 NEW KITS SOON

February 1, South Korea’s newest frigate the first ship Daegu service, sideboard FFG-818. Stunningly, the post-strongest Korean military,

Once again created a technical indicators ahead of the weapon platform.

This displacement is even smaller than the Chinese 054A missile frigates, piled up a large number of advanced technologies, for fear that they must again in the international arms market with China’s export frigate to start a fierce battle!

Daegu convoy full load displacement of about 3600 Dayton, 054A level than China’s more than 4,000 tons to be significantly smaller, but greater than the 056-class frigate, the maximum speed of about 30 knots.

Daegu’s frigate’s weapons and equipment, in a new generation of light frigate can be described as “armed to the teeth.” It can carry an anti-submarine helicopter equipped with a 127mm naval gun, with two 4-mounted anti-ship missile launchers and two 3-torpedo launchers.

Most notably, the Daegu Corvette is equipped with two 8-pole launchers that can use anti-submarine missiles, or anti-aircraft missiles, or ground-attack missiles. This ability to strike is similar to that of the Russian navy’s deployment of missiles on light frigates. However, Russia’s main consideration is that it is incapable of manufacturing large-scale warships such as destroyers at present and has to carry missiles with small ships. South Korea can make battleships of various levels but still insist on carrying such semi-strategic weapons on the main Daegu escort.

Daegu’s frigate is equipped with a vertical launch system, very special, because it is a self-made vertical launch system in Korea, and the United States Mk41 system is not the same. Speaking of the source of technology for this vertical launching system is Russia. It is Russia’s direct military trade in technology that the United States acquiesced in so suddenly that South Korea made rapid progress in this area.

South Korea has not only won world-class short-range tactical ballistic missiles, but also won a variety of advanced anti-aircraft missiles, and these achievements have now been transplanted to Daegu frigate. This Russian origin vertical launch system supports the Russian-supplied Korean ship-to-surface missiles, K-ASROC long-range anti-submarine missiles and ship-to-air missiles.

This can help the South Korean Navy to help solve all kinds of problems at once. The South Korean Navy also proudly declared that Daegu’s frigate could use missiles to attack the enemy’s ground targets in depth and enhance the joint operations capability of the offshore fleets – as South Korea’s enemy territory is also not very large, this treaty restricted by the international missiles Ship-to-surface missiles, already enough.

To accommodate the launch system of the 16 launchers, the Daegu frigate has been extended in design and modifications have been made to the superstructure, further reducing the radar cross-sectional area and improving stealth performance. Add bulwarks to hide skiffs and anti-ship missile launchers.

In contrast, the Chinese 054A frigate currently has no capability to use surface-to-surface missiles, and of course this can be accomplished by retrofitting small cruise missiles with satellite positioning and optical guidance capabilities. However, the larger 054A frigate, equipped with 32 Red Flag 16-space missiles in anti-aircraft missiles, is unmatched by Daegu. 054A is also equipped with anti-submarine missiles, and the number will be more than the number of Daegu.

For other weapons, the Daegu Corvette uses the larger MK-45 Mod4 127 mm 62-fold gun, which is related to South Korea’s previous gun-wielding experience with its enemies and is not willing to be smaller but saves space. Mm naval gun. The 054A uses one of the world’s most successful 76mm naval guns, the H / PJ-26 single-tube 76mm naval gun. Daegu is equipped with a MK-15 Block 1B dense-array short-range defense system at the top of the hangar. Two H / PJ-12 7-pipe 30mm guns with better performance are used in China’s 054A, or two H / PJ-11 11-tube 30 mm guns.

Daegu embarked on a sonar sonar, towed sonar, and the latter even outperformed the active Korean destroyers. A helicopter hangar and take-off and landing deck aft set, you can carry a super Bobcat or Wildcats anti-submarine helicopters, both for anti-submarine can also be used for anti-ship operations. Equipped with a shipboard anti-submarine missile and a 324mm torpedo launcher, the Daegu sedan has good anti-submarine capabilities. Our military 054A frigate early models use the older towed sonar, has now been changed to use a better model.

Daegu’s main battlefield awareness and electronic warfare system is similar to the larger Incheon-class warships, including the LIG Nex1 SPS-550K E / F multi-band 3D sky-search radar from the world’s military giant Thailands. Equipped with TEOOS integrated optical search tracking system, guidance and control of anti-aircraft missiles and artillery SAAB CEROS-200 fire control radar, ADD SLQ-200 (v) K SONATA integrated electronic warfare systems.

Dynamically, Daegu’s frigate has a world-class composite propulsion technology, the use of the United States DRS Technologies’s mechanical / electric propulsion system. Equipped with permanent magnet motor, smaller volume and weight, torque output at the same current is greater than the traditional motor, reliable and durable. This system also reduces underwater noise levels. In terms of mechanical propulsion, the Daegu frigate uses a gas turbine and diesel hybrid solution that uses gas turbines to provide high maneuverability at high speeds.

Daegu’s frigate will be built at this level from 8 to 9, there are three already started to replace the old 1500-ton light frigate. It is estimated that with its performance and favorable conditions for the United States to provide military aid and political support for the purchase of funds, Daegu’s light-duty frigate will make a significant contribution in the international market.

However, China 054A frigate export model has been put into the market for many years, further upgrades have already started. Who will be more successful in the international market, but also in the market really hard real game to know!

Go against the boat, do not go back, the Chinese frigate has also reached a large-scale upgrade of the time!

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