Hey Yu – Watchaneamu? aoshima – Platts – Tamiya

The Pyeongchang Olympics ended successfully,

I was crying, laughing, it was a big impression! !

There was also a scene to carve in history, and I enjoyed it! !


Athletes and people concerned, thank you for your hard work,

Hit for the next battle! ! Hit it! !


A sad new day jumped in during the period.

Actor Ren Osugi and Mr. Left Tanpei

To be dead ,,,


Mr. Osugi is recording or continuing

Appear in the drama, will affect drama making ,,,

"Aibo" ,,,

The prime minister at Shin Godzilla was good.


Mr. Tenpyo, whatever you say,

"Hey Yoo Bruce" Hey ,,

When I heard it for the first time, it was lumpy! !

I thought it was wonderful.

Of course, now, even if I hear it, it will come more and more.


It was a really good actor.

We pray for the souls.



The end is …

I bothered at the Shizuoka AFV meeting.

Aoshima also participates by providing a kit.


It's a lineup lined up, it's a mighty work ,,,

Garpan is strong! !

Theater version seems to be doing well, envious.

I was at a booth by Mr. Platts

Villain No. 1 ,, Mr. Takaharu is active

Drawing or something ,,,

Tamiya company,

There is explanation of M3 Stuart ,,,

It was exciting.


Aoshima, in May Hobby – Sho

There are new releases! !

stay tuned! !


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