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Kumamon 8 Plamo helmet version of Kumamon with Kumamoto Castle

“Kato Kiyomasa” who is familiar with Kumamoto Castle wears a public high-heel helmet ,

Commercialize adorable figure with 製品Surprised Mark


We adopted a dedicated new part for 持つ which we have in hand.


The climb reversible of “Kumamon” and “Kumamoto Castle”Glitter

Please cut out from the manual after all the assembly is finishedNico



Products are colored plastic parts and cut seals

It is a design that can be completed easily without painting .


Seal meat seal is also includedPad

When you put it on the bottom of the foot of Kumamon, it is cuteheart

Adhesive is unnecessary for assembling and only fitting crackling and parts!


We take care to remove parts from the parts frame by hand as well.

By selecting the attached seal and parts as selective specifications

You can change the expression.

The indirect part is movable, various posings are possible,

Movement of one foot is possible and the balance of the gum Momon’s plamo is excellent.


Assembly kit of Kumamoto Castle of 1/700 scale is included with bonus.

Also on sale nowSurprised Mark


Kumamon 2 Kumamon’s Plamo armor helm version

Cute but brave warlord version of KamamonKumamon

“Kato Kiyomasa” who is familiar with Kumamoto Castle is wearing a public armor.



“Helmet version” and “Armor helmet version”

The shapes of the helmets are different, and they are reproduced with new molds respectively .


Both Kumamon are coolGlitter