Capsule toy notice advance notice

Recently I’m worried that pollen is so bad that I can not stop sneezing.

I went to sleep for about 22 hours the other day because of that.Alien


Well, I feel a little upset.

We will announce advance notice of capsule toys.Dragon


Super Cub color change version.

I released it at the last capsule toy, changed the atmosphere with the super cub and gallache

It is a cute color lineupSekisei parake yellow


Oka possessed many requests Blue version also included in the lineup

It will be released in June, so please look forward to itHedgehog


Thank you for reading.

Well then, have a better day


Tamiya Shogakkan Big Comic 50th Anniversary 1/700 Aircraft carrier IBUKI

“DDV 192 aircraft carrier IBUKI” Three-dimensional at 1/700 scale!
Shogakkan Big Comic Commemorating the 50th Anniversary “Special Project”

1/700 DDV 192 Aircraft carrier IBUKI (Scheduled to be released this spring)
“Airborne mother IBUKI” in the Shogakkan Big comic series (Cooperation by KAWAGUCHI Kaiji / Eiji Eriya). The main character, Ryuta Akitsuki is captain of the captain’s captain “IBUKI” on three-dimensional scale at 1/700 scale. An image of the original equipped with a ski jump type launch pad is reproduced as it is. Fully equipped accessories such as shipboard machines and working vehicles. We also pursued a sense of precision and realism as a scale model.