The first part of the BIG SIN collection (cat. no. SIN63213) for the Fw 190A-8 kit in 1/32 scale by Revell will contain 4 sets

– fuselage guns mount,
– painting mask,
– PE landing flaps.

The second part of the BIG SIN collection for the Fw 190A-8 aircraft (cat. no. SIN63215) will be released in April. If you are building the night fighter version Fw 190A-8/R11, you can use the sets cat. no. SIN63214 and SIN63215.

All sets included in this BIG SIN are available separately, but with every BIG SIN set you save up to 30%.


The absence of the as-yet unfinished sprue containing the weapons and related accessories such as missiles, pylons and racks for the 1/72 scale MiG-21MF, for the pre-release LIBRARY EDITION

will be solved by the addition of Brassin parts. In this kit, you will find underwing pylons and racks, belly rack for the main external fuel tank, and four R3-S missiles. The pylon and rocket racks for this edition were designed by the chief of the Brassin production department, Rene Kratochvil.

The first production run for the pre-release LIBRARY EDITION orders will end on Thursday, March 15th!”

Shipped today! Notice of 3 new products ♪

Chibi Maru Fleet series and Chibi Maru Military Series,

Based on famous warships and tanks in history,

It is a cute deformed series with palm-sized appearanceSurprised Mark


Adhesive No need assembled in, in the accompanying seal and color plastic partsunnecessary painting isGlitter




TM 11 set of medium tanks Chiha

The genealogy of the Japanese middle tank – the evolutionary form of “Ninety Seven Formula (Chiha)”,

Smart appearance of welded car body “Tank of the tank (Chi to)” has appeared rounded off!


Inherited from Chiha reforming 47mm cannon and, changes in welding from riveting vehicle combination which is,

Newly reproduced with new parts , commercialized.


The front light which turned into two lights from one headlights so far ,

Reproduce the upper surface of the flat car body made of flat bolt and welding with a new mold!


Seals contain markings of tank regiment 1st tank and 5th tank regiment with tanks deployed.

If you want to finish with paint, we decided to use the vehicle number etc contained in the decal included.

Decal has recorded markings such as “Eleventh Tank Regiment Navy Land Battalion No. 9 Tank Regiment Chiba Tank School Hinomaru”.




Chibi Maru SPOT 29 Chibi Maru Fleet I-400 Type Submarine 2 Bottle Set Special Specifications

(Etched Parts & wood deck seal included)

A kit with etched parts and wood deck seals that are not sold separatelySurprised Mark

You can upgrade the I – 400 type submarine perfectly .


With more accurate etching parts, you can express detailed details.

It is also recommended for the introduction of etching parts because the number of parts is small.


Wood deck seals are realistically reproduced using wood. It is cut and you can stick it with just one touch if you peel off the backing paper.


The kit also reproduces the aircraft containment case, and it has three storms in the deployed and stored state.


Opening and closing is possible since the front hatch of the aircraft carrier tube is made as a separate part.

Four types of ship name display stickers are included: I 400, I 401, I 402, and I 404.



Chibi Maru SPOT 30 Chibi Maru Fleet Flight Dragon Loading Machine Clear Molding Specification

Set up a machine with clear molding on the Chibi Maru fleet “Flying Dragon” .

You can create minutes of clear molded Zero Fighter Type 21 (3 aircraft), Nine Seven Huge Ship (3 aircraft) and Ninth Naval Bomber (6 aircraft).

For clear molding, canopies can be reproduced with clear.

Three Ninth Naval Explosive Bombs have been added, making it six aircraft.

Today’s new product 3 points, please get it by yourself ~heart