The Spitfire Mk.IXc model in 1/72 scale represents a high-altitude

HF Mk.IXc aircraft, ML296, flown by F/Lt Otto Smik. He flew this machine from the time he was in service with 312 Sqn. RAF at North Weald, at the end of August 1944. The model was built by Josef Bla┼żek, from our ProfiPACK edition kit cat. no. 70121. Josef used following accessories:

– Spitfire Mk.IX, landig flaps, cat. no. 72623,
– Spitfire Mk.IX, general set. cat. no. 72624,
– Spitfire Mk.IX, engine, cat. no. 672126,
– Spitfire Mk.IX, cockpit, cat. no. 672112,
– Spitfire, drop tank, cat. no. 672122,
– Spitfire Mk.IX, legs BRONZE w/5 spoke wheels, smooth tire, cat. no. 672135,
– Spitfire Mk.IXc, gun bays, cat. no. 672150.