It is Moriwaki.



Sakurasaku is a nice song.

I love it.

○ It is the one that is ○ ○.



When commuting in the morning,

The color of cherry blossoms has become prominent.


But in the morning it is a world contesting one minute and one second,

I do not have time to look.

How can we get caught in the signal

This is important.


Even if cherry blossoms are beautiful how much

Let’s concentrate on safe driving without looking out.

I will get a cherry-colored paper!



Today I will introduce you to the acclaimed reservation reception!



A famous legendary car …



Finished product motorcycle series

It is an introduction of KAWASAKI 900 Soper 4 and 750 RS !

It is often called Z1, Z2, is not it?

I do not feel old age,

I think that it is a beautiful design that is also applicable to modern times.

Engine is also DOHC 4 cylinder

It is very gorgeous …


Although it was released before,

It is a long-awaited re-appearance with refining.

In addition, new colors have been added.


Refine the shape that I did not like on my previous model,

(It is a difference in Bimho’s shape, but the difference is important!)

Even cooler, more realistic feeling came.

Also pay attention to unique beautiful tank shape.


Since the tank was also made by die casting from this time

I raised the weight feeling when I brought it.


… If you are a fan please buy it.

Cospa is amazing.



Let’s see each color.


Z1 Yellow ball

Z1 Orange Tiger

Z1 Tamago Maroon

Z2 Fireball

Z2 Yellow Tiger

Z2 Tamago Blue

In addition to popular fireball collar flowing tiger color, iridescent color also added

Luxurious variations glad to mania!

Z1A, Z1B since it became an alminium engine also firmly differentiated.




… I forgot one important model.

Z1 fire ball!

This is how Aoshima’s online shop limited model!

It is a rarity color that can only be purchased here.

Do not miss the 7 kinds of Z1 & Z2!

NEW FROM dragon 1/35 IDF 1/4-Ton 4×4 Truck w/MG34 Machine Guns

EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195836090
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 9/1/2017
EST ARRIVAL: April 2018







This 1/35 scale IDF 1/4-Ton 4×4 Truck inherits the excellent foundational features of Dragon’s Truck before. However, it has been suitably modified to represent a jeep used by Israel. The model features a solid one-piece body tub that ensures accurate alignment. There are many new parts to help create the IDF variant, including a stowage box on one side of the rear compartment and a radio and antenna on the other. Perhaps the most notable feature of this vehicle is the mounting of two ex-German MG34 machine guns, one in front of the co-driver and another in the rear. The rear gunner is also provided with a bench seat. This is an exciting modification of the famous 4×4 American vehicle, now available with an Israeli twist for the first time in Dragon’s range.

– MG mounts are new
– Detailed MG34 machine gun
– New-tooled Box
– New bench seat for MG gunner
– New-tooled Radio & antenna
– Wire – Cutter on front part
– Spare wheel in new position
– Photo-Etched parts included

New announcement FROM Dragon – # 3605 – 1/35 M1120 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Missile Launcher+ FULL MODEL

The innovative Black Label series from Dragon features a stunning new
1/35 scale kit of the THAAD missile launcher, a centerpiece of the THAAD system. THAAD targets short-, medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase. Relying on kinetic energy, the 900kg THAAD interceptor uses a hit-to-kill approach rather than an explosive-filled warhead. The M1120 emanates from the well-known HEMTT truck series built by the Oshkosh Corporation. The 8×8 launcher, powered by a 450hp Detroit Diesel 8V92TA engine, boasts eight missiles.

Never before has this THAAD launcher been available as a plastic kit in 1/35 scale, so this is clearly an ambitious addition to Black Label’s range. Given the topical nature of the THAAD missile defense system, as well as the extreme quality of this new item, this will be an extremely hot kit. The missile canisters and launcher mechanism mounted are finely detailed. An ability to elevate and rotate the launcher allows modelers to pose the vehicle exactly as they wish. Indeed, the outriggers can also be deployed for a launch vignette. Furthermore, the eight tubular missile canisters are made of metal for maximum realism. This is a simply stunning subject in Dragon’s popular Black Label series, and sales of this impressive-looking kit are expected to simply go ballistic!

NEW FROM dragon 1/35 IDF M113 Armored Personnel Carrier – Yom Kippur War 197

Est Arrival: May 2018

Item Code: DRA-3608

After previously releasing IDF kits like Magach tank, now an important armored personnel carrier (APC) widely used by the IDF is available to accompany the heavier armor. It’s the Zelda, an Israeli variant of the ubiquitous M113 APC, as used in 1973 at the time of the Yom Kippur War. The IDF employed thousands of these APCs. The Zelda is operated by a crew of two and it carries 11 passengers. Typical armament was two 7.62mm and one 12.7mm machine guns.

This 1/35 scale kit of the IDF M113 APC, built to today’s standards, has been eagerly awaited by many modelers around the world. This kit is all new except for a limited number of parts such as the Neo tracks, road wheels and machine guns that have been used on other related kits. All exterior and interior details are fully replicated, allowing modelers to show the hatches and/or rear ramp open to show off the exemplary detail. Special features specific to the IDF, including the side stowage racks and rails as well as the extended exhaust hose, are naturally present. The vehicle includes a .50-cal machine gun, as well as two 7.62mm weapons. Indeed, this nowadays standard M113 kit is ready to roll right into action now.