New FROM dragon – Miniature World: 1/72 Armored Tank PART 5 (3rd) — DR7568: 1/72 US M4A1 Sherman Medium Tank

M4 Sherman was developed by the United States during the Second World War. The medium-sized tank that was manufactured was used by other allies in addition to the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps, and was the main force of the Allied armored forces. From the beginning of 1942, there are over 40,000 Sherman

TRUMPETER-2018-05 New Products Notice

US M1A2 SEP Main Battle Tank
Ratio: 1/16 Number: 00927

German Ju-87D-5 Dive Bomber
Proportion:1/24 Number:02424

2S19-M2 Self-propelled Howitzer
Proportions: 1/35 Number: 09534

German Navy "Peter Strasse" Aircraft Carrier
Ratio: 1/700 Number: 06710

Russian T-80BV main battle tank
Ratio: 1/72 Number: 07145

Maverick Electric Scooter – Pre-Colored (White)
Ratio: 1/12 Number: 07305