[MENG] Deep-sea creatures surfaced!

The Type VII submarine was a type of submarine that was built during the Second World War and was capable of combat in the Atlantic Ocean. The submarines of this series were built with a total of 704 ships. Until the end of the war, it remains the backbone of the German Navy’s submarine force. Relying on the “wolf pack” tactics invented by Admiral Karl Dunnitz , under the control of a number of ace captains and their officers, the submarine achieved a brilliant record in World War II.

U-Float VII is a plastic assembly model of the “Ship-Ship” series. Through our design, ship name generation reborn, change the cold war machine into a soft Meng playfully cute warships. This model reproduces the basic painting style of U-boat VII in World War II through the combination of dark gray and light gray parts. All parts are glue-free design, with self-adhesive stickers, you can easily complete the production of this model.


Scale: 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

Code 228 – Documents & Magnetic Radiography – Scale : 1/35

Code 410 – PLAYBOY magazine the Year 1969
Scale: 1/35

Code 225 – hospital posters – Scale : 1/35

Code 227 – Hospital signs
Scale : 1/35

Code 226 – Hospital floor tiles
Scale : 1/35


Cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

The new semester, the new fiscal year, began.

Mr. Qingdao also has new members,

I hope the new wind will be drained.


The animation of full metal panic begins at last .

Will it be strike – free, as opposed to the original?

I am looking forward to everyone.

It is a box of the arrest.

This time, to be able to attach an exhibition stand to the emergency development booth

The mold was refurbished.

Since the mounting hole is 3φ,

An existing base can be installed.


Also, as an option, the emergency development booster

Since it will be released, those who do not have it installed.



It is a painted Exeter.

Looking at this, it is wonderful.


Modality is also moderate ,,

Yamashita Hobi – I am not defeated! !


What is waiting for release! !