NEW FROM Dragon 1/6 M4A3(75)W Sherman-EST ARRIVAL: May 2018

ITEM NO: DRA 75051
EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195750518
SCALE: 1:6
ANNOUNCED ON: 2/1/2018






Dragon previously launched a stunning 1/6 plastic model kit of an M4A3 105mm howitzer before. Now Dragon has taken the next step and is offering a kit of the M4A3(75)W, a standard tank used by the US Army during WWII. It featured a 75mm M3 gun, as well as wet stowage (this is what the ‘W’ refers to) to retard fire and protect rounds stored inside the hull. The kit depicts a tank with the vertical volute suspension system (VVSS). This Sherman is another big release for Dragon, portraying the regular gun tank rather than the howitzer. The model thus looks more lethal and powerful, utilizing new components such as the gun shield and 75mm barrel. Modelers will find that this satisfying kit fits together precisely. The road wheels rotate, and the tracks with individual links are well designed and well engineered so as to be both durable and realistic. Owners can traverse the turret and elevate and depress the gun towards any target they select. The commander’s and loader’s hatches also open and close. Modelers can gain more firepower with this Sherman M4A3(75)W available in 1/6 scale for the very first time!

Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo Watkins Glen 1974 # 9 Acclaimed for sale! !

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Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo Watkins Glen 1974 # 9

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set of weapons on 1/35

Test piece – National T91 rifle (buttstock launch) 1/35

Test Piece – National T91 Rifle 1/35

Test Piece – National T91 rifle + grenade launcher 1/35

Test Piece Submachine Gun 1/35

Test Pieces National Army Fuel Tank 1/35

Test Container for filling
With a carrying handle 1/35